Summer Student Project: ISIS-11

Monte Carlo Modelling of ISIS Muon Spectrometers

The project will involve carrying out Monte Carlo simulations of muon spectrometers at the ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source, UK.

An existing package coded for muon spectrometer simulation based on a standard particle physics toolkit, GEANT4 (, will be used, see for further details.

The toolkit allows elements of the instruments to be modelled using a simple scripting language. The project will involve developing and verifying a model for the existing EMU instrument, one of a suite of spectrometers making up the ISIS pulsed muon source. Because of the nature of the project, we are looking for a student who is available for at least eight weeks.

The student will benefit from learning about the passage of charged particles through matter and in applied magnetic fields, will learn about the physics associated with muon spectrometers, will gain an understanding of the function of Monte Carlo simulations, and throughout the project will gain a wide variety of computer skills.

Supervisors: Stephen Cottrell ( / Peter Baker (

You might particularly like this if you are interested in any of these: physics, natural sciences, scientific computing, engineering, computer science, applied mathematics.

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