Summer Student Project: ISIS-19

Development of a new driver for a cryomagnet

The ISIS Computing Group is responsible for the development and maintenance of the software used to control the hardware and data acquisition systems used for experiments performed at ISIS. Currently we are running a major project to develop a new distributed control system for ISIS which will better meet the future needs of the scientists.

As part of this project, this placement will be centred on the development of new drivers for use with hardware controlling experiments at ISIS, with a focus on a specific cryomagnetic system. The software developed will be used to control the cryomagnet for real experiments at ISIS. Though the main focus will be on the development of a new driver for the cryomagnet, there will be opportunities to be involved in the other aspects of project. The selected candidate will be classed as a full member of the project team and will take an active part in the agile development life-cycle of the overall project.

The main technologies we use are: Java; Eclipse RCP; Python; LabVIEW; EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System); and, C++.

Supervisor: Matt Clarke (

You might particularly like this if you are interested in any of these: computer science or natural sciences with a strong interest in computing.

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