Summer Student Project: ISIS-4

Monte Carlo Simulations of the Offspec spin-echo enabled neutron reflectometer

OffSpec is a spin-echo enabled polarised neutron reflectometer at the ISIS second target station. Every year a large number of academic researchers visit the instrument to perform experiments with the support of the instrument scientists. As part of the continuous development of the reflectometer this project will model possible design upgrades in McStas, a Monte Carlo based neutron ray tracing package.

You will familiarise yourself with the existing models of the Offspec instrument and assess their validity against experimental data before implementing various competing design ideas and assess their impact on neutron flux, divergence and resolution. This project is suitable for a student with a science, math or computing background. You will work in a scientific environment, closely with the OffSpec instrument scientists, and within the Large Scale Structures group. Prior experience of McStas is not required but you should be computer literate and familiar with a programming or scripting language such as C, Python, Mathematica, Perl or Matlab. Your results will be used to make design choices for future instrument upgrades.

This project provides an excellent opportunity to develop your software and planning skills. You will gain an insight into how neutron scattering works and what problems can be solved with it. You will be working in a high profile, international research environment and will have the satisfaction to know that your findings will be used in real research projects.

Supervisors: Nina-Juliane Steinke ( / Jos Cooper (

You might particularly like this if you are interested in any of these: natural sciences, mathematics, computer science.

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