Summer Student Project: ISIS-6

Implementing a new computional method for measuring atomic motion with muons

ISIS muons can be used for measuring atomic motion in a wide range of materials and is particularly useful for studies in the field of energy storage and generation. In order to interpret the muon measurements the time-dependent response of the muon spin polarisation to the motion has to be modelled and computed. Current numerical methods are relatively slow and not well suited to modestly powered PCs.

A more efficent numerical method has recently been developed at the University of Parma that is based on using Fast Fourier Transforms rather than the slower numerical integration and Laplace Transform methods that were used before.  The project task here is to implement and evaluate this new method and integrate it into the muon data analysis software currently being used at ISIS. The project will be suitable for a student with a strong interest in scientific computing along with some previous computer programming experience.

Supervisor: Francis Pratt (

You might particularly like this if you are interested in any of these: scientific computing, natural sciences, computer science, mathematics.

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