Health Physics Surveyor
13 Oct 2015




ISIS is a world-leading centre for research in the physical and life sciences at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford. Our suite of neutron and muon instruments gives unique insights into the properties of materials on the atomic scale. We


A Health Physics Surveyor is required for the radiological safety programme of the ISIS spallation neutron sources at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

The Health Physics Surveyor is part of the team that provide essential health physics control and technician support for ISIS operations and for the waste management programme. They will be involved in personnel radiation protection, waste management, radioactive material movement and storage and keeping records.

Health Physics Surveyors carry out a practical job and are involved in duties throughout the facility. They have daily contact with staff at all levels and are involved in physical jobs in difficult circumstances. They have to be able to operate in all ISIS areas and manipulate and operate all the health physics equipment.

List of Duties / Work Programme / Responsibilities

• Routine survey measurements and checks for ionising radiation and contamination in the ISIS complex.
• Assistance with collection, treatment, characterisation, accounting and disposal of waste including decontamination of equipment and facilities.
• Operation of equipment for waste characterisation and treatment 
• Provide routine Health Physics cover around ISIS target stations, waste storage areas, synchrotron and experimental facilities including implementation of on-the-job dose controls for persons exposed to ionising radiations.
• Assisting in the control, movement and accounting of radioactive machine components and experimental samples within ISIS complex and any subsequent movement off site. 
• Supporting day-to-day procedures concerned with the operation of the ISIS personal dosimetry service which covers Laboratory staff, visiting scientists and contractors.
• Advising staff and visitors of all levels on matters relating to radiation safety procedures.
• Posting and updating permanent and temporary radiation and contamination hazard warning signs as necessary.
• Maintenance and checks on portable and installed radiation and contamination detection equipment and emergency showers. 
• Assistance with maintaining a stock of replacement protective wear and equipment for radiological protection.
• Assistance with implementation of the respiratory protection programme.
• Producing survey reports, inputting into risk assessments, procedures and undertaking record keeping

Contacts and Communication

• Reporting to the Health Physics Supervisor and second line manager Group Leader Health Physics and Facility Safety
• Part of the Health Physics team; liaising with other Group members
• Interacting and providing a service to all ISIS personnel staff, contractors, experimenters and visitors
• Interacting and communicating with group leaders, section leaders, Radiation Protection Supervisors and Radioactive Material Consignors
• Working closely with ISIS teams particularly operational teams, and the Shift Crew

Personal Skills and Attributes
• A high degree of interpersonal skills, including good communication skills with a proven ability to work with others and provide a high level of customer service. 
• Ability to work safely under pressure and provide a professional approach.
• Capacity for intensive work campaigns
• Computer literate

Any other Relevant Information
§ -Will be required to work in designated radiation and contamination environments as a classified radiation worker
§ -Ability to access all ISIS operational areas, including tunnels, walkways and work at height
§ - Will be required to wear personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment
§ -Flexible approach to working hours is required with possible overtime (weekend and evening work) and on-call working
§ -Must be able to attend emergency situations involving radiation or contamination
§ -Driving licence

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