ISIS Duty Technician
23 Nov 2015




ISIS is the world’s leading pulsed neutron and muon source for research in the physical and life sciences. Situated at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire, the accelerator based facility provides research into physics, chemistry, materials s


To facilitate this shift crew teams currently work three eight hour shifts during weekdays and two twelve hour shifts at weekends throughout the year. We have a vacancy for a Duty Technician to provide technical support for the shift crew by assisting with the safe operation of the accelerator and target station complexes. You will play a leading role in performing essential engineering and general duties including first line fault diagnosis and repair/replacement of equipment. 
This entails responding to equipment failure by investigating the initial fault with an expectation to resolve problems in the shortest possible time but with the highest regard for personnel and equipment safety. 

You will be expected to perform routine tasks both in the MCR (Main Control Room) and elsewhere including accurate recording of plant and peripheral equipment parameters and are required to become a member of the RAL site Alarm Investigation Team.

You are expected to:
• Take an active interest in the optimisation and safe operation of the accelerator, target stations and associated equipment
• Take an active role in first line fault diagnosis initiating repairs/replacement of failed equipment seeking advice from the line management and from ‘on call’ experts when prudent to do so
• To ensure that operational duties are carried out safely, within an individual’s capability and in accordance with Operating Procedures, Safety Instructions and

Local Rules
• Respond to MCR alarms by taking appropriate action
• Conduct controlled area ‘searches’ prior to machine operation
• Perform various manual handling duties
• Maintain operational log books, elogs and databases
• Issue film badges, system of work sheets and personal dosimeters (training provided)
• Operate controlled access gates
• Use overhead cranes for light lifting duties (training provided)
• Make themselves available for project work in other areas of ISIS both during shift periods and during shutdowns

Contacts and Communication
• Provide a friendly, helpful and informative interface for ISIS Users/Instrument Scientists, visitors and ISIS staff
• To always be aware of the machine status such that information can be relayed to interested parties
• Ensure that operations log books, elogs, databases, lost time reports and MCR news are updated in a timely fashion
• Ensure line management are made aware of machine/personnel issues to continually improve performance 
• Ability to ‘hand over’ accurately and succinctly to the on-coming shift  and be able to effectively describe symptoms to engineering support staff such that the root cause may be determined and machine ‘downtime’ minimised
• Ability to give clear and concise instructions to staff and to be able to receive, understand and execute instructions
• Be articulate in communicating, via the telephone, email and verbally, with individuals at all levels
Personal Skills and Attributes
• Ability to interface with Visitors, Contractors, Instrument Scientists and ISIS Users in a friendly, informative manner 
• Suitability for working within a small team 
• Ability to work competently and calmly under pressure
• Be self-motivated, able to motivate others and have a positive and proactive approach to problem solving
• Be able to multi-task and perform in a professional manner when dealing with unexpected problems 
• Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Be cooperative and willing to participate in operational and technical issues
• Be willing to learn and share operational experience and technical expertise
• On shift ‘handover’ pass on operational status accurately and succinctly
• Be able to receive, understand and carry out verbal and written instructions
• Be articulate in communicating, via the telephone, email and verbally, with individuals at all levels
• Be able to demonstrate suitability for working within a small team 

Other Relevant Requirements
You must be willing and able to:

• Become a regular shift worker
• Become a classified radiation worker
• Become a member of the Alarm Investigation Team
• Wear personal protective equipment and be physically fit to wear PPE
• Work at heights and in confined spaces as and when required
• Work extended hours/overtime where necessary
• Perform manual activities
• Do day work during long shutdown periods if necessary. This work could be variable in nature and may not reflect the shift job description. However, it is not expected that this would occur on a regular basis 
• Must be able to distinguish between live, neutral and earth conductors
• Undertake all training courses required to fulfil the job function  
• Also to be willing to participate in the on call system if and when required to do so

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