2007 Seminars
27 Oct 2009



Lists of 2007 Seminars by date

Wednesday 19 December Professor Roy Clarke - University of Michigan Surface/interface scattering - Coherent Bragg Rod Analysis (COBRA) of oxide and semiconductor interfaces
Wednesday 12 December Keith Mason, CEO - STFC STFC Delivery Plan
Tuesday 18 December Miguel Ortuño - Universidad de Murcia Relaxation and aging in glasses
Friday 14 December Valerio Rossi - Istituto di Struttura della materia, Rome Time-Resolved measurements by Free Electron Laser spontaneous emission: A proposal for sub-picosecond pump & probe structural and spectrometric investigations
Tuesday 4 December Chris Pickard - St. Andrews

Ex nihilo structure prediction: metallic hydrides, metallic hydrogen?


Thursday 29 November Prof. Swapan Chattopadhyay - The Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science and Technology Parlez-vous Beams! - Ordered Brilliance in Nano-space for Fleeting Moments”
Tuesday 27 November TBA
Tuesday 20 November TBA
Friday 16 November Jawwad A. Darr - University College London Nanoceramics Synthesis and Discovery; Clean, Fast and Controllable Methods
Tuesday 13 November Giannoula Theodorakopoulos - National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens

Calculations on excited electronic states of small molecules and larger systems

Tuesday 6 November James F. Annett - Bristol

Spin-orbit effects in unconventional superconductors


Tuesday 30 October
Victoria García Sakai - ISIS Facility The effect of environment on the dynamics of macromolecules as probed by QENS
Friday 25 October

Professor Don Perkins - Oxford University

Early days in cosmic rays
Monday 22 October Ken Littrell - Oak Ridge National Laboratory SANS with spin - MISANS and allied techniques
Tuesday 16 October Robert van Langh - Rijks Museum, Amsterdam Renaissance bronzes and their manufacturing techniques
Tuesday 9 October Carla Molteni - King's College, London Mutagenesis computer experiments in ligand-gated ion channels
Tuesday 2 October Paco Guinea - ICMM, Madrid The physics of graphene
Monday 1 October Young-Kee Kim - Deputy Director of Fermilab Project X


Thursday 27 September Martin R. S. McCoustra - Heriot-Watt University Stars ‘r’ Us! “The Cosmic Chemical Connection”
Tuesday 25 September TBA TBA
Tuesday 18 September Jacobo Santamaría - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Competing Ferromagnetism and Superconductivity at Cuprate / Manganite Interfaces
Tuesday 11 September Prof. Wilson C K Poon - University of Edinburgh Physics from Colloids: The modern legacy of Einstein and Perrin
Wednesday 26 September Ayano Chiba - ISIS Pressure-induced structural changes of liquid As and liquid Sb


Tuesday 7 August Roger Pynn - University of Indiana at Bloomington, UCSB and LANL Prisms, Waveplates and Interference: Using Analogies between Neutrons and Light to Design New Neutron Scattering Instruments
Wednesday 1 August Chris Stock - ISIS Magnetism and Superconductivity in CeCoIn5
1 August John Womersley - STFC

Developing STFC's science and technology strategy


Tuesday 31 July Marat Gaifullin - National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba Vortex phase diagram in layered HTSCs with intrinsic Josephson effect
Friday 20th July Robert A. Robinson - Bragg Institute, ANSTO, Australia New Neutron and Photon Sources in Australia: OPAL and the Australian Synchrotron Sources, Beam Lines and Recent Progress
Tuesday 17 July Christian Ruegg - University College, London Quantum Dimer Materials:
Interplay of Quantum and Thermal Fluctuations Studied by Neutron Scattering
Tuesday 10 July Roderich Moessner - University of Oxford

Frustrated Magnetoelastics

Tuesday 3 July TBA TBA


Thursday 28 June Professor Mike Dunne - Director of Central Laser Facility

The Central Laser Facility: A 30th birthday celebration and outlook

Tuesday 26 June

Steve Bennington - ISIS Facility

Fast Ignition Fusion: Is this the future of neutrons
Tuesday 19 June Pietro Ballone - Queen's University, Belfast

Entropy-driven polymerisation of phosphorus and sulphur: A simulation study

Thursday 14 June Alan Bross - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider R&D in the US - "Two Mints in One?"

Monday 4 June 2007

George Reiter - University of Houston Water as  a Complex Quantum System: the proton momentum distribution in confined water, acids and bases


Thursday 31 May

Prof. Mike Pepper - Cavendish Laboratory , University of Cambridge

Applications of Terahertz Imaging and Spectroscopy
Thursday 24 May Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith FRS - Director UKAEA Culham Division, Chairman Consultative Committee for Euratom on Fusion The Path to Fusion Power
Thursday 17 May Ugo Amaldi - University Milano Bicocca and TERA Foundation Hadron therapy: applications of accelerator technologies to cancer treatment
Tuesday 15 May Francis Pratt - ISIS

Critical and Quantum Critical Behaviour in Molecular Magnets

Tuesday 1 May Peter Holdsworth - University of Oxford

Magnetic properties of La2CuO4. The U-t-t'-t'' Hubbard model and the dilution problem


Thursday 26th April Professor Frank Close OBE - Professor  of  physics  and  fellow at Exeter  College,  Oxford

Human Space Exploration: Science Fiction or Science Fact? 

Wednesday 25 April Prof. Michele Parrinello - 2007 Hinshelwood Lecturer in Physical Chemistry,University of Oxford. Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, ETH Zurich

The challenge of complexity: present and future of atomistic simulations

Tuesday 24 April Bruno Dorner -Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble  “What Does One Measure in Inelastic Neutron Scattering? - Data Analysis and Integrated Intensities.”


Thursday 29 March Hinrich Grothe - Vienna University of Technology

Metastable Nitric Acid Hydrates – Possible Constituents of Polar Stratospheric Clouds?

Thursday 29 March Professor Rob Fender - School of Physics & Astronomy University of Southampton

Eight powers of ten: black hole accretion on all mass scales

Tuesday 20 March José C Gómez-Sal - University of Cantabria, Santander

Complementarity of neutron and muSR techniques for the study of inhomogeneities in strongly correlated systems: The CeNi1-xCux case

Tuesday 13 March Peter Kopietz - University of Frankfurt

Spin-wave interactions in quantum antiferromagnets and Bose-Einstein condensation of magnons

Tuesday 6 March Malte Grosche - Royal Holloway Exploring the edge of magnetism in NbFe2
Thursday 1 March Alan Drew - University of Fribourg Spin injection and transport in a metal-organic spin valve


Tuesday 27 February Paul Goddard - University of Oxford

The Fermi Surface of AuZn: towards an understanding of the shape memory effect

Thursday 22nd February Professor Mike Lockwood - RAL and Southampton University

The Rough Guide to the Moon and Mars:
IHY and Essential Physics for the Space Traveller

Thursday 22nd February Stephanie Finet - Protéines: Biochimie Structurale et Fonctionnelle,

Dynamical properties of proteins under stress: alpha-crystallins (eye lens proteins) and other small heat shock proteins


Tuesday 20 February Jerry Mayers - ISIS

Temperature dependence of the Kinetic Energy and spatial order through the supersolid transition in 4He

Tuesday 13 February Andrew Parry - Imperial College Wetting Transitions: Past, Present and Future
Thursday 8 February Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn-Smith - Director UKAEA Culham Division

The Path to Fusion Power

Tuesday 6 February Chris Stock - ISIS

Disordered Spin Ground State in a S=1 Triangular Lattice

Friday 2nd February Peter Cloetens - European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble Hard X-ray microscopy and tomography


Tuesday 30 January Andrew F. Ho - Imperial College

Strong correlation physics in ultra cold atom traps

Thursday 25 January

Dr Marialuisa Aliotta - University of Edinburgh

Nuclear Astrophysics: A journey through the creation of chemical elements and our cosmic inheritance
Tuesday 23 January George E. Froudakis - Heraklion

Designing Nanoporous Materials for Hydrogen Storage

Friday 19th January Jorg Zegenhagen - ESRF X-ray investigations of single crystal electrodes in aqueous electrolyte
Tuesday 16 January Ross McKenzie - University of Queensland, Brisbane

Interplay of unconventional superconductivity and frustrated antiferromagnetism

Monday 8th January V.G.Storchak - Kurchatov Institute, Moscow

Spintronics via μSR: Magnetic Polarons in Magnetic Semiconductors