2008 Seminars
28 Oct 2009



Seminars held in 2008

Tuesday 9 December Dr. Mathias Doerr - TU Dresden, Germany

Investigations of magnetostriction of solids in high magnetic fields - an overview


Tuesday 2 December Don Fleming - TRIUMF Novel Isotope Effects in Chemical Reactivity: recent uSR studies of the Mu+H2*(v=1) reaction and of heavy hydrogen, the 4Heu +H2 reaction
Tuesday 25 November
Andrew Boothroyd - University of Oxford Spin excitations in the pnictides
Tuesday 18 November Ali Alavi -  Cambridge

³Electron correlation from path resummations²

Tuesday 11 November Valentina Venuti - University of Messina Non-invasive analysis of ancient potteries from Sicily (Southern Italy) using neutrons and synchrotron radiation
Tuesday 4 November Iain McKenzie - ISIS μSRSpectroscopy of Spin Labels in Soft Matter


Tuesday 28 October Markus Eisenbach - ORNL Non collinear magnetism in alloys
Tuesday 14 October Dimitri N. Argyriou - HMI, Berlin Strong Spin-Lattice Coupling in Layered FeAs Compounds
Tuesday 7 October Francisco-José Pérez-Reche - University of Cambridge Criticality in martensites


Tuesday 30 September Claudio Castelnovo - University of Oxford Magnetic monopoles in spin ice
Tuesday 23 September John Thomason - ISIS Accelerator Upgrades to ISIS: TS-2 and Beyond...
Tuesday 16 September Shu Yan Zhang - ISIS Stress analysis of engineering components using X-rays and neutrons
Friday 5 September Sang-Wook Cheong - Rutgers Center for Emergent Materials Overview on Multiferroics
Tuesday 2 September Dr. Kui Ming Chui - Image Enhancement Technology Ltd

A de-convolution technique used for Non-destructive Testing in X-ray & Computed Tomography


Tuesday 29 July Sarah Rogers - ISIS

Nanoparticles and Small-Angle Scattering

Wednesday 23 July Michael J. Gillan - Materials Simulation Laboratory & London Centre for Nanotechnology, UCL Phase diagrams of the transition metals at megabar pressures
Tuesday 15 July Boyan Bonev - Nottingham

Membrane-disrupting antibiotics and toxins: mechanisms and targets

Thursday 10 July Dr Siegfried Glenzer - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

X-Ray Thomson Scattering for Dense Matter Experiments on NIF

Wednesday 9 July Andreas Michels - University of Saarland

Magnetic interactions in nanocrystalline bulk ferromagnets: a neutron-scattering study

Tuesday 1 July François Fillaux - CRNS

Macroscopic Quantum Entanglement Of Protons In The Crystal Of KHCO3: Neutron Scattering Studies and Theory


Tuesday 24 June Tatiana Guidi - ISIS Quantum effects in the spin dynamics of molecular nanomagnets probed by inelastic neutron scattering
Tuesday 17 June Scott Kroeker - University of Cambridge Phase Separation in Model Nuclear Waste Glasses: High-Temperature NMR Studies
Wednesday 11 June Dr Nicole Helbig (European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility) and Dr N. Lathiotakis (NHRF, Greece)

1 st order Reduced Density Matrix Functional Theory: predicting electronic correlation

Tuesday 10 June Stephen Dugdale - Bristol

Probing the Fermi surface with positrons

Tuesday 3 June Laurent Chapon - ISIS Multiferroicity in RMn2O5 (R=rare earth, Bi) systems probed by Neutron and X-ray Scattering


Tuesday 27 May Oscar Moze - Universita di Modena e Reggio Emilia From single molecule magnetism to long range ferromagnetism in a giant spin molecular magnet
Wednesday 21 May Mark Dadmun - University of Tennessee & Oak Ridge National Laboratory Using Reflectivity and SANS to Probe the Dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Structure of Natural and Synthetic Polymers
Tuesday 13 May Laura Bartoli - ISIS and CNR

Exploiting the technology of the present to unveil the technology of the past

Tuesday 6 May Amir P. Murani - ILL Magnetic Neutron Scattering at Epithermal Neutron Energies


Tuesday 22 April Maciek Krzystyniak - ISIS Zeno effect for compton scattering from protons in condensed media
Tuesday 15 April Debdulal Roy - NPL

Raman spectroscopy with nanometer-scale spatial resolution

Tuesday 8 April Richard Palmer - University of Birmingham

Organising atoms, clusters and proteins on surfaces


Tuesday 11 March Richard Bailey - Luminescence Dating Laboratories, University of Oxford Measuring geological time with quartz luminescence and its application in global environmental change and human evolution research
Tuesday 4 March Antonio Fernández - Santiago de Compostela Double proton transfer at low temperatures: the quest for the "best" tunneling path


Tuesday 19 February Hartmut Zabel - Bochum University Magnetic nanostructure investigations by MOKE, XRMS and PNR
Tuesday 12 February Jon Goff - Royal Holloway, University of London Spin Correlations in the Paramagnetic Phase of Quantum Magnets
Tuesday 5 February Dr. Andreas Borgschulte - Empa - Materials Science & Technology, Dübendorf, Switzerland Raman spectroscopy to probe Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange reactions in sodium alanate


Thursday 31 January Luigi Amico - University of Catania and Complutense University of Madrid Entanglement in many body systems
Tuesday 29 January Giuliano Zanchetta - University of Milano End-to-End Stacking and Liquid Crystal Condensation of Nanosized DNA Duplexes
Tuesday 22 January
Balazs Gyorffy - H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory and Technical University of Vienna Current induced switching’ and ‘intrinsic spin-Hall effects’ inSPIN-ORBIT coupled systems
Tuesday 15 January Victoria García Sakai - ISIS Facility The effect of environment on the dynamics of macromolecules as probed by QENS