A journey through ISIS
27 Aug 2009



Take a behind the scenes look at using neutrons and muons for cutting-edge science.

​​​​A​ journey through ISIS

Welcome to the journey!

ISIS at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire, UK, provides unique sources of both pulsed neutrons  and muons for exploring the properties of matter by measuring the locations of atoms and the forces between them.

ISIS employs more than 300 highly-qualified scientists, technicians, engineers and administrative staff, who have unique skills. Their work ensures that the science carried out by research groups is first-class. ISIS teams looking after the accelerator, beamlines, instruments and computers work around the clock to ensure that experiments are successful.

We will follow the journey that one research group makes as they use ISIS to further their research goals - from the initial idea for an experiment, through submitting a proposal, to carrying out the experiment and analysing the results. Along this journey, we go behind the scenes to meet the people who work at ISIS and learn about how the facility operates.

A Journey Through ISIS​