About the CD-ROM
27 Apr 2010



Using this learning materials about ISIS will help you to:

‚Äčexperimental hall
  • Improve your understanding of atoms, molecules, neutrons and muons
  • Find out about the purpose of ISIS and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • See how neutrons and muons are made and used
  • Explore our particle accelerators
  • Hear how modern experiments help extend our understanding further.
  • Discover more about people who helped develop our understanding of particles, atoms and materials


You will see how we use neutrons to discover where atoms are and what they are doing, and find out how particle physics technology is harnessed to make them.

You can meet some of the people who work at ISIS, and learn about our cutting-edge research into buckyballs, stresses and strains, high-temperature superconductors, surfaces and interfaces, magnetic multilayers, biological molecules and non-destructive testing of archaeological artefacts.

You can explore the material in any order, and use the glossary and question sections to check how much you know.