Accelerator and Target Developments
20 Aug 2009




The 2007 long shut-down has seen large amounts of activity on the accelerators and target.

ISIS layout

Some of the major projects are described here.

A - TS-2 Extraction

The TS-2 extracted proton beam has been joined to the ISIS synchrotron and extraction components installed in the accelerator 

B - Interlock System Replacement 

Many precautions at ISIS are taken to eliminate access to hazardous areas when ISIS is operating. The personnel interlock systems across the accelerator and target have been upgraded to conform to current safety requirements.

C - Synchrotron Power Supply Replacement 

Synchrotron work has included the installation of new extraction kicker power supplies, new injection and extraction septum power supplies, and re-cabling 20 km of magnet power cables for the extracted proton beam line to TS-1.

D - Synchrotron Diagnostics

A new 'gas ionisation' beam profile monitor has been installed. This monitor will measure the vertical profile of the proton beam over the full 10ms acceleration cycle, in real time - something that has not been possible before.

E - EPB installation 

Work has continued apace to install the 57 magnets and other equipment to enable beam transport to the Second Target Station 

F - TS-2 Target Construction 

Work has continued to build the main components of the Second Target Station monolith 

G - TS-1 EPB Refurbishment 

A failed quadrupole magnet in the extracted proton beam (EPB) has made beam steering difficult and reduced muon production intensity. Three beamline quadrupole magnets  have been replaced, and beam collimation and shielding improved.

H - Dual Harmonic System 

The second harmonic power supplies have been upgraded to allow ISIS to run all four cavities at full power.

I - TS-1 Hydrogen Moderator

The H2 moderator has been replaced after over 20 years of service, with an improved design allowing greater accessibility and connectivity. Removal of the existing moderator has been a complicated process, requiring speacialist remote manipulation equipment. The H2 moderator control system has also been completely replaced, allowing fully-automated cool-downs.

J - MICE construction 

The Muon Ionisation and Cooling Experiment, currently being constructed next to ISIS synchrotron, will demonstrate technology required for a neutrino factory.