Advances and Frontiers in Chemical Spectroscopy with Neutrons
14 Nov 2012



Symposium dedicated to the state-of-the art and the future of chemical spectroscopy with neutrons and recognition of the scientific careers of John Tomkinson and Jerry Mayers.


The Cosener's House, Abingdon,  14th-16th November 2012

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Inelastic neutron scattering (INS) is an extremely powerful experimental probe primarily used to study the dynamics of hydrogen containing materials; together with the ability to quantitatively calculate the INS spectral intensities, this constitutes a truly remarkable combination of theory and experiment. INS spectroscopy spans the energy range from ueV (quasielastic scattering, QENS) through meV (vibrational spectroscopy, NVS) to tens of eV (neutron Compton scattering, NCS) and this meeting will address both new science and new capabilities across the entire energy range.

We invite contributions of papers presented at the symposium to be submitted as full research articles, based on original work and peer reviewed for a special issue of Chemical Physics. Deadline for submissions is 15th January 2013.

We will have contributions from:

Don Kearley, (ANSTO, Australia)
Craig Brown (NIST, USA)
Mark Johnson (ILL, France)
John Larese, (University of Tennessee, USA)
Hervé Jobic (CNRS Lyon, France)
Heloisa Bordallo (Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark)
Fernando Rey (ITQ, Valencia, Spain)
Andreas Borgschulte (EMPA, Switzerland)
Arndt Remhof(EMPA, Switzerland)
David Lennon (Glasgow, UK)
Marco Zoppi (CNR Firenze, Italy)
Carla Andreani (Rome, Italy)
George Reiter (University of Texas, USA)
Alexander Kolesnikov (SNS, Tennessee)
Philip Mitchell (Reading, UK)
Bill David (ISIS, UK)

For more information please email us.

Event typeConference
Start date and timeWednesday 14 November 2012
EndFriday 16 November 2012
LocationThe Cosener's House, Abingdon
Maximum Audience100