Applying for XRD
12 Nov 2009




Guidelines for applying for time

Example data

The purpose of the disordered materials silver anode X-ray diffractometer is to support the disordered materials research program at ISIS.  Therefore first priority will be given to users who have been granted time for neutron experiments to study disordered materials.  However, other applicants are welcome to ask for time. 

It is encouraged that users who wish to take advantage of this facility request access in their proposals for neutron beam time.  In addition to this, users should e-mail the instrument scientist to discuss their experiment giving:

  • The RB number of the neutron experiment,
  • The number of samples and the compositions.
  • A brief explanation of why the X-ray diffraction data is needed. 

24 hours is required for good quality X-ray data and therefore it may not be possible to run all the samples for which neutron time has been granted.  Users should therefore prioritise their samples.  Furthermore, high demand for the XRD during ISIS cycles makes it impossible to schedule all X-ray experiments to coincide with neutron experiments.  If you have a strong reason for requiring the experiments to run simultaneously (e.g. timed experiments etc.) please include these in your request.


For enquiries regarding the requesting X-ray time, please e-mail ISIS disordered materials XRD