Astro Pi Competition Winners Visit ISIS
15 Sep 2015



A team of students from Magdalen College School have returned to visit ISIS after being selected as one of the winners of the Astro Pi competition.

Dr Chris Frost (ISIS), Dr Simon Philip Platt (University of Central Lancashire) and Magdalen College Oxford students Artur Donaldson and Alexander Gunasekera on the ChipIR instrument.

The Astro Pi competition was a chance for students to develop and code an experiment to run on the International Space Station using a Raspberry Pi.​

The team from Magdalen College School developed a radiation detector using the Raspberry Pi camera module and brought it to ISIS to test the project. The radiation detector works by the camera lens allowing high-energy space radiation to get through which is picked up by the sensor as tiny specks of light. The intensity of these specks is then measured by the code written by the team, resulting in a measurement of the level of radiation.

The radiation detector and other winning entries to the competition will be flown into space and run on the ISS later this year.

For more information on the Astro Pi competition, please click here.