CMSD Charter
30 Aug 2012




The primary aim of the CMSD is to identify and explore, in close collaboration with academic and industrial colleagues, areas of molecular science in which STFC facilities can be on a critical path to discovery and innovation.


The CMSD can:

• Act as a coordinated focus for STFC effort in performing and supporting research in the molecular sciences in partnership with our external colleagues.

• Be pro-active in seeking out and attracting leading research and leading researchers in the molecular sciences to the STFC for short and long-term visits.

• Strongly encourage scientific input from STFC staff and provide a supportive environment for this input – help establish a vibrant scientific culture.

• Promote cross-facility collaborations by both STFC staff and external partners, where synergy is beneficial to science-driven projects.

• Benefit the general user community of all the associated facilities, by enhancing the development of these facilities in the context of their application in leading-edge scientific areas.

• Promote the use of STFC facilities via meetings, workshops, and seminars to reach the broad base of UK researchers and also attract the leaders in the field.

• Act as a natural focal point for community collaboration in seeking funding for facility-centered projects in the molecular sciences.

• In close collaboration with other STFC Research Networks, promote the physical sciences effort across the STFC, developing synergy across the facilities including Diamond and the Research Complex at Harwell.