Call for proposals: closes 16 October 2009 23:00 GMT
17 Sep 2009



Beamtime proposals submitted in this call will be scheduled for the period April 2010 – August 2010. There will be NO call for ISIS proposals in April 2010.



Autumn 2009, Proposal Round 2010/1: This call for proposals covers beam time for the period April 2010 – August 2010.

ISIS will have a long shutdown, most likely beginning in August 2010.  This is to enable refurbishment of part of the extracted proton beam very near to the target in TS1, and for commissioning of the new accelerator main magnet power supply.  This shutdown will be about seven months in length, so that the first cycle after the shutdown will be in February or March 2011.

This means that there will be no call for proposals in April 2010.

The next call for proposals will be October 2010. 

Instruments avai​lable

Target Station 1: Proposals are accepted for all ISIS instruments in the user programme. This includes Crisp, Surf and Loq which remain available for beamtime applications to ensure a smooth transition of the science programme on to Second Target Station instruments. The new Hifi muon spectrometer is expected to be fully available. A fault with the Emu muon spectrometer magnet means that limited time will be available on Emu, but the opportunity is being taken to upgrade the instrument detector array to provide a three-times increase in data rate.

Target Station 2: All seven instruments on the Second Target Station are included in this proposal round. The amount of beamtime available for scheduling will depend on progress with the commissioning programme for some instruments.