Computing Group: People
29 May 2009



The computing group in ISIS have a varied set of skills and cover a variety of tasks. An overview of the work undertaken by each section of the group is listed below.

The ISIS Computing Experiment Controls Group

Experiment Controls

This section covers the interactions between the instruments and computing, providing the user-interface, device control and data acquisition.

Facilities IT

This section deals with the network and a number of the support functions. Their skills are shared between ISIS and other departments at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Business Applications

This section provides the programming and support of a number of systems, including the Proposals System, internal data management and the User Office.

Data: Formatting Reduction and Analysis

This section deals with the access and formatting of the data generated at ISIS, and works to aid in moving formatted and gathered data into meaningful representations for ease of understanding the information discovered.

Sandwich Students

As well as our full time staff members we get valued support from sandwich students. For an overview of what life is like for a Sandwich Student please see what some of our students have had to say about their time here.