Congratulation to the new Fellows of the Royal Society!
03 May 2016



Congratulations to Bill David, senior scientist at ISIS, on being made a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS)!

​ISIS scientist Bill David

Bill has been with ISIS since the beginning, as the first instrument scientist on the High Resolution Powder Diffraction instrument (HRPD), and is now an STFC senior fellow, and he also holds a professorship at the University of Oxford.​

The fellowship recognises Bill’s significant contributions to the development of neutron and X-ray powder diffraction, including software to accelerate the determination of crystal structures. His scientific achievements include the crystal structure analysis of C60 (“Buckyballs”), work on lithium ion batteries and hydrogen storage materials, and more recently his work on ammonia storage.

Bill will be adding this award to his collection, which already includes the IOP CV Boys Prize (1990), the  British Crystallography Association Prize (2002), the European Society for Applied Physical Chemistry Prize (2006), one of three Bragg Lecture Awards (2013) marking the centenary of the discovery of X-ray diffraction, and the 2015 RSC John B Goodenough Award recognising exceptional and sustained contributions to materials chemistry. 

Another new fellow is Prof Philip Withers from the University of Manchester and long-term ISIS user. Prof Withers is recognised for his research into engineering materials and how they behave in operational materials.

Congratulations to Bill and Phil!