Crisp Data Analysis
17 Oct 2008




How to reduce your data sets and fit the data

Screenshot of Open Genie

Crisp Data Analysis

How to reduce your data sets and fit the data

DATA Reduction

From 2011 we will be moving all data reduction to the new Mantid software. 

At present Mantid is still underdevelopment but beta test versions of the program are available off the web.

Mantid allows scripting in OpenGenie, Matlab and Python and will require Python to be installed in-order to run data reduction scripts. Please consult with your local contact for assistance in setting up the system and for obtaining the pre written data reduction scripts.

Python is available at:

Open Genie is still supported at present until Mantid is brought online in 2011.

OpenGENIE Macros: Macros required for data reduction using the Windows distribution of OpenGENIE

OpenGenie Data Reduction Routines

OpenGenie Data Analysis Programs

Genie II command equivalents in OpenGenie

DATA Fitting and Analysis

We recommend Parrat32 to get people started. It should be noted that Parrat32 does not deal with the resolution correctly for Time of flight instruments, however it is excellent at fitting Cu Kα reflectivity data.

Once familiar with the basics of reflectivity data fitting we really recommend you move to a more rigorous fitting package such as RASCAL or POLLY.

RASCAL can be found at:

RASCAL requires a copy of Matlab to run.

Also recommended are the GaRefl and Reflfit packages from NIST.