Crisp FAQ
23 Jul 2009




Frequently Asked Questions on Crisp


What does Crisp stand for?

Crisp was named after a race horse.  Crisp’s racing career is marked by the loss of the 1973 Grand National to Red Rum. For more information on the race please see the story on the BBC News website

How do I print a figure from a Genie display window

On the Genie command line type "splot" to print a small figure.

How do I park the single detector out of the way and set up a run for the multidetector?

To move the single detector so that the it does not block the multidetector navigate to the Genie command line.


type the following:


linear_detector periods=2

Beamblock/enabled bh=40.5


This will move the single detector out of the way. 

Setup the linear detector wiring table for 2 spin states . This number can be changed from 1, 2 and 4 as necessary.

It then opens slit 3 wide then bring the bottom blade up to the given height "bh=...." to block the straight through beam. This must be tuned before the main measurement to avoid saturating the linear detector.