Crystallography Group Members
28 Jan 2009







The ISIS Crystallography Group comprises a team of Instrument Scientists, supported by Postdoctoral Researchers, Visiting Scientists and Joint PhD Students.

The current Head of the Crystallography Group is Steve Hull. For a biographical summary, click here.

Instrument Scientists​

The team of Instrument Scientists within the Crystallography Group support the scientific user programmes on each instrument, develop new facilities to expand the capabilities offered by the Group and pursue their own research projects, often in collaboration with external academic and industrial groups.

Postdoctoral Researchers.

The Crystallography Group employs several postdoctoral researchers, funded by a number of different routes. They principally contribute to specific development projects, but also provide user support on the Group’s instruments and conduct their own scientific research programmes.

Joint PhD Students.

Members of the Crystallography Group act as joint supervisors for many PhD students, as part of collaborative projects with collaborators within UK Universities. The students are typically half-funded by STFC, either through specific calls (e.g. Global Challenges), internal research networks (e.g. Centre for Molecular Structure and Dynamics), the ISIS Studentship scheme or directly from the Crystallography Group.

Visiting Scientists.

The Crystallography Group is fortunate to have a number of Visiting Scientists, who make significant contributions to a number of development projects in the areas of instrumentation, sample environment and software.​