Crystallography User Group Meeting
05 Nov 2009



The ISIS Crystallography User Group meeting is being held in conjunction with the winter meeting of the Physical Crystallography Group of the British Crystallographical Association and the Structural Condensed Matter Physics Group of the Institute of Phys





There is no registration fee and ISIS will cover reasonable travel costs for UK academic researchers and PhD students attending the whole meeting. 


Confirmed speakers include:

  • Simon Clarke (Oxford)
    "Controlling the structures and properties of layered chalcogenides and pnictides"
  • Aurora Cruz-Cabeza (Cambridge)
    "Practical lessons from energy landscapes in organic crystals" [PCG PANalytical Thesis Prize winner]
  • Martin Jones (Oxford)
    "Diffraction studies of hydrogen storage materials"
  • Pascal Manuel (ISIS)
    "First results from WISH: a case study with a new iron pnictide!"
  • Stephen Moggach (Edinburgh)
    "Big squeeze, recent developments in high-pressure single crystal diffraction on I19 at Diamond"
  • Lucian Pascut (Bristol)
    "Charge order in the triangular metallic antiferromagnet AgNiO2 probed by single crystal resonant X-ray scattering using I16 at Diamond"
  • Paul Raithby (Bath)
    "Photocrystallography - from static to dynamic"
  • Carlo Vecchini (ISIS)
    "Magnetoelastic coupling in the frustrated antiferromagnetic triangular lattice CuMnO2"

Poster session

There will be a poster session and the following junior researchers will give short oral presentations.

  • Karen Johnston (St Andrews)
    "A multidisciplinary approach to the structural characterisation of NaNbO3"
  • Dan Porter (Royal Holloway)
    "Superstructures in doped cobaltates"
  • Valeska Ting (Southampton)
    "Neutron diffraction of hydrogen containing compounds in controlled humidities"


View latest programme on the PCG-SCMP website: WinterMeeting2009_Programme.pdf

Event typeConference
Series titleISIS User Groups
Start date and timeThursday 05 November 2009
EndFriday 06 November 2009
LocationThe Cosener's House, Abingdon
Maximum Audience100​