Developments and Events
11 Nov 2009




Development at ISIS is a continuous
process, driven in response to the changing
needs of the user community and to
maintain ISIS as a world-class neutron and
muon source.

Undertaking developments on Target Station 2 Item vague.

Evolution of existing instruments and construction of new ones, together with advances in neutron and muon techniques, provide fresh opportunities for materials investigations

The past year has seen the official opening of the Second Target Station instruments, a very significant project achievement. Other technique and instrument developments to enable new science are also described, together with developments of the accelerator and target systems. 

Also highlighted are some of the many training and education activities run by ISIS over the past year - from courses and workshops for the user community to projects run with schools and professional development of facility staff.

Second Target Station instruments shine

New science from instrument and technique advances

Accelerator and Target news

Instrument upgrades and developments

A year around ISIS