Driving future accelerators: first beam for the FETS project at ISIS
11 Nov 2009



In April 2009 the Front End Test Stand (FETS) came to life when the ion source produced its first beam.

Members of the FETS collaboration after the first beam was produced.

FETS is being developed as a new high power injector for the particle accelerators of the future. It will produce a perfectly chopped 50 Hz ,60 mA, H beam at 3 MeV with a 10% duty factor. Its applications are many and include ISIS upgrades, a neutrino factory and nuclear waste transmutation.

FETS is a collaboration between STFC, Imperial College, Warwick University, The University of the Basque Country and Tekniker. It consists of a high current H  ion source, a three-solenoid magnetic Low Energy Beam Transport (LEBT), a 324 MHz, 3 MeV, 4-vane Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ), a very fast beam chopper and a comprehensive suite of diagnostics. The ion source and laser diagnostics have been commissioned, and the LEBT will now be installed, followed by the RFQ and chopper.


M Bates, MA Clarke-Gayther, DC Faircloth, DJS Findlay, T Knott, SR Lawrie, AP Letchford, M Perkins, P Romano, M Westall, M Whitehead, P Wise, T Wood (ISIS), FJ Bermejo (Bilbao, Spain), J Lucas (Elytt Energy, Madrid, Spain), J Alonso, R Enparantza (Fundación Tekniker, Elbr, Spain), SMH Al Sari, S Jolly, A Kurup, DA Lee, P Savage (Imperial London), J Pasternak, JK Pozimski (Imperial College London, ISIS), C Gabor, C Plostinar (ASTeC), JJ Back (Warwick University)

Contact: Dr Dan Faircloth, dan.faircloth@stfc.ac.uk

Further reading: DC Faircloth et al., Proceedings of PAC09 Vancouver, April 2009