ENGIN-X Stress rig
30 Mar 2010





ENGIN-X is equipped with two uniaxial hydraulic loading rigs, to enable simultaneous online and offline mechanical/fatigue testing. The rigs are both custom-built by Instron and have maximum loading capacities of 50kN and 100kN respectively. The same sample/grip designs can be used on both machines.

Sample designs

The links below provide drawings of standard stress rig samples used on ENGIN-X. These are provided for guide purposes only: before machining samples, it is ESSENTIAL to discuss your requirements with the Instrument Scientist to circumvent any potential problems and ensure that the appropriate grips are available.

Screw thread tensile (room temp)

Compressive (room temp)

Fatigue tensile/compressive (room temp)

Cryogenic tensile (-200ºC to room temp)

Cryogenic compressive long - temperature monitored on sample

Cryogenic compressive short - temperature monitored on platens

Cryogenic fatigue tensile/compressive

If the standard grips are not appropriate, please contact the instrument scientist in good time, in case a bespoke set of grips needs to be manufactured. e.g:

High temperature gripping options - please contact instrument scientist

Flat sample gripping options - please contact instrument scientist


Macroscopic strain can be measured (for appropriate sample designs) using an Instron dynamic extensometer with +/-5mm travel and gauge length of either 12.5mm.

For elevated temperature testing, a high temperature extensometer is available for use up to 1000°C. This has a 12.5mm gauge length.

For cryogenic temperature testing, a low temperature extensometer is available for use down to -200°C. This has a 12.5mm gauge length.

Testing under non-ambient conditions

Radiant furnaces are available for elevated temperature testing up to 1100°C.

A cryobox is available for cryogenic testing down to -200°C.

For testing under conditions of pressure and high voltage, please contact one of the Instrument Scientists.