ESS Instrument Design Group Leader
14 Jun 2016




The UK is making a major contribution to the European Spallation Source (ESS) project near Lund in Sweden. This exciting €2 billion project will help shape the future of Neutron science, which is a vitally important underpinning technology for the UK’s wi


ISIS, the leading neutron materials research facility in the UK, will be delivering neutron instruments to ESS as one of the packages of in-kind equipment to ESS.

Over the next few years ISIS will deliver several full instruments, taking the outline design through the stages of detail design, engineering, procurement, delivery, testing and commissioning.

These instruments are complex assemblies comprised of a range of technologies, encompassing  mechanical, electrical and software systems, combined to deliver the required characteristics for the science use. They will be physically large (some 40m in length), assembled from tens of thousands of component parts, most of which will be specifically designed for each instrument. The overall instruments will need to interface within the ESS facility and interface to the ESS project and technical teams will be essential.

List of Duties / Work Programme / Responsibilities

Responsible for the design and delivery of ESS instruments in a structured project environment.

The duties and responsibilities within the above areas are as follows:

•         Direct Project Management of the overall work package (circa £20m)

•         Provide top level professional engineering expertise to solve problems and design instruments over the full life-cycle from concept through detail design and drawing to manufacture/procurement, assembly and installation.

•         Provide top level direction on work package structure and content, making direction for sub-contract or design in-house

•         Production of detailed cost / time / risk estimates

•         Monitor current project progress relative to agreed plans / timescales

•         Monitor project spend relative to budget

•         Regularly monitor the risks and mitigate / escalate as appropriate

•         Ensure production of relevant technical and safety documentation

•         Ensuring Health and Safety standards, codes & policies are applied.  Briefing staff on latest changes and new information.  Feeding back information as appropriate.

•         Assist with the management and administration of the wider groups in Design Division. 

•         Management of work, organisation of priorities and communication of activities.

•         Direct line management of engineering and project staff required to deliver the work package

•         In-direct management of staff working to deliver the project (allocated from existing technical teams)

Contacts and Communication

•         Monthly Plans drawn up of current activities and progress.

•         Monthly forward look of resource expectations

•         Close liason with the Operational divisions expected to support the project

•         Close liason with ISIS Instrumentation Division

•         Close liason with ESS instrument groups

•         Close liason with Instrument scientists

•         Close liason with the project sponsor

•         Reporting to the UK-ESS project 

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