EU funding for experiments at ISIS
08 Feb 2010



ISIS Neutron and Muon Source has had EU funding available to support European researchers.




 This funding was available up to round 15/1, and details of this can be found below. The EU has currently removed this funding in Horizon 2020, and so from round 15/2 onwards it is no longer available.


ISIS is member of a network of European neutron and muon facilities – the 'Integrated Infrastructure Initiative for Neutron Scattering and Muon Spectroscopy' (NMI3).

The NMI3 project is supported by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Programme and it is part of the Research Infrastructures action of the Capacities Programme. (Contract No: 283883). It brings together 18 partners from 12 countries, including 8 research infrastructures.  

The NMI3 grant ends in January 2016. This means that the last ISIS proposal round in which experiments can receive EU support is 15/1, for beamtime up to August 2015.  In Horizon 2020, the EU has discontinued Access support, and so this can no longer be offered by ISIS from round 15/2 onwards.


Within the NMI3 activity, ISIS has received funds for Transnational Access for the support of ISIS users coming from EU Member States or Associated States.

This EU funding covers the cost of ISIS beamtime, together with  travel and subsistence expenses for up to two scientists per experiment (which can include time for preparation and data reduction).

Criteria for Eligibility of user groups

To be eligible to benefit from EU funding, a user group must satisfy the following conditions:

  • both the user group leader and the majority of the user group members must be affiliated to an institute located in a Member State or in an Associated State (except UK). (Note: the affiliation of the researchers is decisive - and not their nationality)
  • the user group is entitled to publicise all results of the EU NMI3 supported experiments.

Applying for EU funding

Application for EU funding can be made at the time of submitting a beamtime application to ISIS.  There is a box on the proposal form to tick if you believe you are eligible for funding and wish to apply. Beamtime applications can be made through the ISIS Online Proposal System.

Proposal review by ISIS Facility Access Panels

The proposals eligible for EU funding will be reviewed - together with all other proposals - by the ISIS Facility Access Panels.

The Panels assess the scientific merit and timeliness of all proposals. Certain priority is given to new neutron or muon users, or those from countries where no neutron or muon facility exists.

Additional obligations for groups with EU-NMI3 supported projects

As a condition of accepting EU support for a proposal, the user must agree to the following conditions:

  • Acknowledgements
    NMI3 must be acknowledged in any articles or conference proceedings published as a result of this work. The following paragraph should be included in the acknowledgments section:'This research project has been supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme through the 'Research Infrastructures' action of the 'Capacities' Programme, NMI3-II Grant number 283883 . Contract n°: CP-CSA_INFRA-2008-1.1.1 Number 226507-NMI3 (for experiments run before February 2012), Contract No. 283883-NMI3-II (for experiments run from March 2012 onwards).
  • Completion of the experimental report form for EU use
    The NMI3 guidelines of the European Commission require EU supported users to provide a short experimental report, where the objectives and also the achievements/difficulties of the performed experiment are summarized.  An ISIS Experiment Report form can also be used to submit a report on an EU-funded experiment.
  • User group questionnaire (EU data base)
    After the experiment, funded users are required to complete a questionnaire directly on the EU data base.  Your User Project Acronym for this is ISIS-Neutrons_RBxxxxxx (or ISIS-Muons_RBxxxxxx).

Eligible Countries: 

EU member countries (EU-27): Associated States:
Austria, AT Albania, AL
Belgium, BE Bosnia & Herzegovina, BA
Bulgaria, BG
Croatia, HR  
Cyprus, CY FYR Macedonia and Serbia, MK
Czech Republic, CZ Iceland, IS
Denmark, DK Israel, IL
Estonia, EE Liechtenstein, LI
Finland, FI Montenegro, ME
France, FR Norway, NO
Germany, DE Serbia, RS
Greece, GR Turkey, TR
Hungary, HU  Switzerland
Ireland, IE  
Italy, IT  Republic of Moldova (from 2012)
Latvia, LV  Faroe Islands (from 2010)
Lithuania, LT  
Luxembourg, LU  
Malta, MT  
Netherlands, NL  
Poland, PL  
Portugal, PT  
Romania, RO  
Slovakia, SK  
Slovenia, SI  
Spain, ES  
Sweden, SE

(Table updated May 2012).

More information on eligible countries can be found here.