Excitations: People
23 May 2009



People in the group




Prof Steve Bennington

Head of the group:

Has expertise in inelastic neutron scattering and the design of spallation neutron sources. Research interests are hydrogen storage, the dynamics of disordered materials, carbon based materials and new neutron sources

Prof Toby Perring 

Instrument scientist on MAPS

Is responsible for the development of the analysis code within the excitations group, and acts as the ISIS representative on Facility Access Panel 4. Has research interests in excitations in strongly correlated electron systems, particularly manganites and superconductors.

Dr Christopher Frost

Instrument Scientist on MAPS

Is responsible for the running the 3He spin filters group and for developing Chip-irradiation at ISIS including the design and construction of ChipIrr, one of the phase II instrument on the second target station. Has interests in 3He spin filters and chip-irradiation 

Dr Russell Ewings

Instrument Scientist for MAPS

Responsible for developing the Horace code and has an interest in the dynamics of strongly correlated electron systems

Dr Adroja Devashibhai

Instrument scientist on MERLIN

Is responsible for delivering the advanced magnets project, including the 8T magnet for the excitations group. Has research interests in heavy-fermion and quantum critical systems.

Dr Christopher Stock

Instrument Scientist for MERLIN

Is responsible for the development of the Alignment Facility ALF, and acts as secretary to Facility Access Panel 4. Has a wide range of scientific interests including relaxor ferroelectrics and high temperature superconductors.

Dr Jon Taylor

Instrument Scientist for MARI

Is currently responsible for organising the science displays for the second target station opening. Has research interests in magnetism studied with x-rays and neutron scattering and in the dynamics of disordered systems

Dr Ross Stewart

Instrument Scientist for MARI

Responsible for running both the neutron training course and the Oxford summer school. And has expertise in studying magnetic systems using neutron polarisation analysis.

Dr Robert Bewley

Instrument Scientist for LET

Responsible for the design and commissioning of both MERLIN and LET. Has expertise in the design of neutron spectrometers and strongly correlated electron systems.

Dr Tatiana Guidi

Instrument scientist for LET

Is interested in model magnetic systems, particularly molecular magnets

Mr Alex Buts

Taking over responsibility for developing software in the group from Toby Perring

Dr Steve Boag

Responsible for developing the He spin filters for the facility

Dr Eugene Goremychkin

A visiting scientist from The Argonne National Laboratory. Has expertise in heavy-fermion systems and high temperature superconductivity

Dr Arthur Lovell

A postdoctoral researcher with expertise in hydrogen storage, electrospinning and intercalated graphites

Miss Zeynep Kurban

A EngD students registered with UCL but based at ISIS working on electrospinning and hydrogen storage