14 Sep 2009



Please note this is NOT an operational instrument.

​​​Exeed diagram

Exeed will be a neutron time-of-flight diffractometer optimised for extreme environment studies of materials which will complement the capabilities of Wish on TS2 and Pearl on TS1. Exeed will deliver an extremely bright, focused beam in the thermal-cold region, providing world-class access to regions of the phase diagram that have so far eluded neutron studies. This instrument will provide facility users with access to:

  • High pressures (above 50 GPa using diamond anvil cells)
  • Combinations of extreme environments: very low temperatures (mK) or very high temperatures (2000 K) with high pressure (including laser heating in cells with transparent gem anvils) and high pressures in high magnetic fields (up to 10 Tesla).
  • High temperatures and liquid state studies (up to>3000 K) in levitation environments

Most high pressure diffraction studies are presently carried out at synchrotron x-ray facilities: a Web of Science search for ‘high pressure’ and ‘x-ray’ gave nearly 2000 hits for 2006-2007 whereas a comparable search for ‘high pressure’ and ‘neutron’ returned only 405 hits. This difference is primarily due to the available pressure range at neutron facilities. That will change with development of the Exeed instrument and allow user groups to take advantage of the unique capabilities of neutron diffraction for high-P structural studies.