31 Oct 2014



FTIR capabilities at the ISIS hydrogen and catalysis laboratory are satisfied by the Bruker Vertex 80v.




Bruker Vertex 80v

The Vertex 80v is a high resolution IR spectrometer, featuring evacuated optics to eliminate atmospheric moisture absorptions for high sensitivity and stability.

  • Specac liquid flow cell with operation up to 250 °C

  • Pike gas flow cell option

  • Optimised for use in the mid-IR region

  • DigiTect MCT liquid nitrogen cooled detector​

  • Resolution of > 0.2 cm-1 sufficient for ambient pressure gas phase and room temperature measurements

  • Specac specular reflectance acces​​sory

  • Specac diffuse reflectance accessory with environmental chamber

Manufacturer's details ​

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The Bruker Vertex 80V FTIR spectrometer.