First ISIS-China workshop meets in Beijing
17 Nov 2015



In advance of the Chinese National neutron scattering conference a delegation of ISIS staff visited Beijing to participate in the first ISIS-China workshop on neutron scattering on the 7th November 2015.

​Delegates attending the ISIS-China workshop on Neutron Scattering in the Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences.

The workshop covered many aspects of neutron scattering and its application to a wide range of basic and applied science. The topics covered generated a large amount of discussion around future scientific projects between ISIS and Chinese researchers. 

The potential of these projects has been significantly enhanced by the availability of Newton funding to support Chinese usage of the ISIS facility. Such access is particularly timely for the development of the Chinese neutron scattering community  as the first Chinese spallation neutron source becomes available in 2018.

Dr Helen Walker, ISIS

Dr Helen Walker describing the capabilities of inelastic neutron scattering.
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The workshop also provided an opportunity to sign a formal agreement between the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) and STFC under the framework of the UK-China Research and Innovation partnership fund.

Robert McGreevy (ISIS ) and Yuanbo Chen (IHEP)

Prof Robert McGreevy (ISIS director) and Prof Yuanbo Chen (vice-director IHEP) signing the agreement between IHEP and STFC.
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“Building an expert user community takes many years – this will help our Chinese colleagues to accelerate that process and to better exploit CSNS, and the CARR and CMRR research reactors,” said Robert McGreevy, ISIS Director.

It was clear from the enthusiasm of both the Chinese and ISIS attendees that there exists significant opportunities to strengthen and expand this collaboration and we can look forward to future workshops and the science they deliver.