First Protons: 14 Dec 2007
18 Aug 2009




December 2007 saw the first protons successfully extracted from the accelerator and transported to a beamstop at the Second Target Station.

Friday 14th December 2007 14:57: Members of the ISIS Second Target Station Project celebrate the successful delivery of protons along the new proton transfer beamline.

First protons delivered to the Second Target Station: 14th December 2007

This major milestone in the Second Target Station Project – the transport of first protons form the ISIS synchrotron to the target position – was achieved two days ahead of schedule and at the first attempt on 14th December 2007.

Arrival of Protons

Signal trace (pink) measured from the graphite test indictating the arrival of the proton bunch.
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The protons travelled along the 143m proton beam line, guided by a sequence of 57 steering and focusing magnets, on to a graphite test target located inside the new target station. The arrival of the protons was detected by measuring the electrical current induced in the target station an the beam profiles along the length of the proton beam line were checked.

Proton Beam

Signal traces of the proton beam passing through monitors along the beamline.
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