General Laboratory Equipment
23 Sep 2013




A range of items are available in both target station biolabs. Lab users are encouraged to contact the biolab team ahead of their visit to check items required for their visit are available and to arrange orders if required.


Balances 1 decimal place and 3 decimal place balances. 300g up to 3kg.

Chemicals Segregated chemical storage is provided near fume hoods for solvents, acids, bases and toxic chemicals. Refrigerated items are stored in the cold room, fridges and freezers. Room temperature irritants and non-hazardous items are stored in alphabetical order on shelves.

Consumables Gloves, paper towels, sample and centrifuge tubes 0.1ml up to 1L, vivispin concentrators, petri-dishes, glass slides, syringes and filters.

Dark Room 

Freezers -80 °C and -20 °C.

Fridges 4 °C fridge, the cold room is 6°C.


Glass and plastic ware Bottles, beakers, measuring cylinders.

Heating blocks For incubations.

Heated cabinet For drying lab ware. Please use incubators for samples. 

Ice machine Wet ice supply. Dry ice should be ordered well in advance - contact the biolab team for this.

Incubators Shaking and static incubaors. Located in the TS2 (R80) biolab & cell culture room.

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment Safety glasses, microbiological lab coats, gloves, ear defenders and face-shields for UV and heat. Please check equipment is suitable and in good condition before use. Please contact the biolab team for replacements or new requirements.

pH Meters Located with calibration buffers in the fume hoods.

Pipettes 0-2 µl, 2-20µl, 20-200µl, 100-1000µl, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50ml pipettes and a multi-channel.

Printer / Scanner / Photocopier

Rocking platforms Used for gel staining or incubations.

Sample mixers Vortex / lab mixer.

UV Lamps Handheld low intensity lamp and a high intensity gel imager.

Water baths A range of heating, refrigerating and ultrasonic baths are available.