HRPD Publications 1995
31 Jul 2009




List of publications involving HRPD in the year 1995


K M Allen W I F David J M Fox R M Ibberson M J Rosseinsky
Molecular structure of the fulleride anions in superconducting K3C60 and insulating K6C60 determined by powder neutron scattering
Chem of Mat 7 764 (1995)


A R Armstrong P A Anderson L J Woodall P P Edwards
Structure of Na43+ in sodium zeolite Y
J Amer Chem Soc 117 9087 (1995)


P Czarnecki J Wasicki Z Pajak W Nawrocik
Pyridinium salts - new ferroelectrics
X Conference - Molecular Crystals, Poznan, Poland, Sept 95 (1995)


P Czarnecki J Wasicki Z Pajak A Czarnecka S Habrylo
Phase diagram of pyridinium perchlorate crystal
III National Conference on Molecular Spectroscopy, Przesieka, Poland, Dec 95 (1995)


J S Gardner G Balakrishnan D McK Paul
Neutron powder diffraction studies of Sr2RuO4 and SrRuO3
Physica C 252 303 (1995)


A Gormezano M T Weller
The structure of the quadruple perovskites Ln2Ba2Ti2Cu2O11 by high resolution powder neutron diffraction
Chemistry of Materials 7 1625 (1995)


P F Henry M J Rosseinsky C J Watt
(NH3)6Na3C60 - room temperature synthesis of a body-centred cubic C3-60 compound
J Chem Soc, Chem Commun 2131-2132 (1995)


W A Herrmann W Scherer R W Fischer J Blumel M kleine R Gruehn J Mink H Boysen C C Wilson R M Ibberson
Multiple bonds between main-group elements and transition metals.137. Polymeric methyltrioxorhenium: an organometallic nanoscale double layer structure of corner-sharing ReO5(CH3) octahedra with intercalated water molecules
J Amer Chem Soc 117 3231 (1995)


R M Ibberson W I F David O Yamamuro Y Miyoshi T Matsuo H Suga
Calorimetric, dielectric and neutron diffraction studies in phase transitions in ordinary and deuterated acetone crystals
J Phys Chem 99 14167 (1995)


R M Ibberson M Prager
The ab initio structure determination of dimethyacetylene using high resolution neutron powder diffraction
Acta Cryst B 51 71 (1995)


K S Knight N Bonanos
A high-resolution neutron powder diffraction study of neodymium doping in barium cerate
Solid State Ionics 77 189 (1995)


K S Knight K Z Baba-Kishi
Crystal structure refinements of disordered Pb(Sc0.5Nb0.5)O3 in the paraelectric and ferroelectric states
Ferroelectrics 173 341 (1995)


A Lappas M Kosaka K Tanigaki K Prassides
Orientational order in AC60 alkali fullerides
in Recent Advances in the Chemistry and Physics of Fullerenes and Related Materials, Eds K M Kadish, R S Ruoff, Electrochemical Society Vol 2 1071 (1995)


A Lappas K Prassides
Layered cuprates with the T* structure. Structural and conducting properties
J Solid State Chem 115 332 (1995)


A Lappas M Kosaka K Tanigaki K Prassides
An orientationally-ordered primitive-cubic form of the fulleride CsC60
J Am Chem Soc 117 7560 (1995)


C M B Line A Putnis C Putnis C Giampaolo
The dehydration kinetics and microtexture of analcime from two parageneses
American Mineralogist 80 268 (1995)


Y Ohta T Matsuo H Suga W I F David R M Ibberson
Phase transitions of scandium triacetate
Physica B 213&214 402 (1995)


N Shi R J Arsenault M A M Bourke J A Goldstone
Relaxation of thermal mismatch in discontinuously reinforced composites
Micromechanics of Advanced Materials, Eds Chu et al, p471 (1995)


I P Swainson M T Dove M J Harris
Neutron powder diffraction study of the ferroelastic phase transition and lattice melting in sodium carbonate, Na2CO3
J Phys:Condens Matter 7 4395 (1995)


Gy Torok L Rosta R M Ibberson G Pepy
Model of MBBA solid phase structures using x-ray and neutron diffraction
Mol Cryst Liq Cryst (in press 1995)


O Yamamuro T Matsuo H Suga W I F David R M Ibberson A J Leadbetter
Neutron diffraction studies of tetrahydrofuran and acetone clathrate hydrates
Physica B 213&214 405 (1995)


O Yamamuro T Matsuo H Suga W I F David R M Ibberson A J Leadbetter
Critical phenonemon in a molecular-ionic crystal (CD3ND3)2[SnCl6]
Physica B 213&214 414 (1995)