HRPD Publications 1996
31 Jul 2009



List of publications involving HRPD in the year 1996




I Abrahams F Krok J A G Nelstrop
Defect structure of g-BICOVOX at room temperature by combined X-ray and neutron powder diffraction
Solid State Ionics 90 57 (1996)


A V Belushkin R M Ibberson L A Shuvalov
High resolution neutron diffraction study of structural anomalies in K1-x(ND4)xD2PO4 mixed crystals
Materials Science Forum 228-231 771 (1996)


A V Belushkin R M Ibberson L A Shuvalov
Neutron powder diffraction studies of some superprotonic and mixed crystals with disordered hydrogen bonds
J Mol Struct 374 161 (1996)


D F Brougham A J Horsewill R M Ibberson A Ikram P J McDonald M Pinter-Krainer
The correlation between hydrogen bond tunnelling dynamics and the structure of benzoic acid dimers
J Phys Chem 105 979 (1996)


S J Clarke A C Duggan A J Fowkes A Harrison R M Ibberson M J Rosseinsky
Single phase Na1.0TiO2: solid state synthesis and characterisation by high resolution powder diffraction
J Chem Comm 409 (1996)


J S Gardner G Balakrishnan D McK Paul
Neutron diffraction and magnetisation studies of Sr2RuO4 below 2K
Physica C 265 251 (1996)


R M Ibberson
The crystal structure and phase transition of sulphamide by high-resolution neutron powder diffraction
J Mol Struct 377 171 (1996)


R M Ibberson
A simple technique for preparing low-melting point samples for neutron powder diffraction
J Appl Cryst 29 498 (1996)


R M Ibberson M Prager
The ab-initio crystal structure determination of vapour-deposited methylfluoride by high-resolution neutron powder diffraction
Acta Cryst B 52 892 (1996)


K S Knight K Shankland W I F David N Shankland S W Love
The crystal structure of perdeuterated pyrene II at 4.2K
Chem Phys Lett 258 490 (1996)


K S Knight
A neutron powder diffraction determination of the thermal expansion tensor of crocoite (PbCrO4) between 60K and 290K
Mineralogical Magazine 60 963 (1996)


F Krok I Abrahams D G Bangobango W Bogusz J A G Nelstrop
Electrical and structural study of BICOVOX
Solid State Ionics 86-88 261 (1996)


C Lamstaes M Sternitzke L Carroll B Derby R M Ibberson
Neutron diffraction studies of residual stress in ceramic nanocomposites
Ceramic Transactions (in press 1996)


C M B Line M T Dove K S Knight B J Winkler
The low-temperature behaviour of analcime. 1: High-resolution neutron powder diffraction
Mineralogical Magazine 60 499 (1996)


C M B Line R W Whitworth
A high resolution neutron powder diffraction study of D2O ice XI
J Chem Phys 104 10008 (1996)


R Marx K Seppelt R M Ibberson
Time-of-flight neutron powder diffraction study on the third-row transition metal hexafluorides WF6, OsF6 and PtF6
J Chem Phys 104 7658 (1996)


R Melzer R Sonntag K S Knight
Rb3H(SeO4)2 at 4K
Acta Cryst C52 1061 (1996)


N Shankland S W Love D G Watson K S Knight K Shankland W I F David
Constrained Rietveld refinement of [2H]10-Dopamine deuterobromide using powder neutron diffraction data
J Chem Soc, Faraday Trans 92 4555 (1996)