HRPD Publications 1997
31 Jul 2009




List of publications involving HRPD in the year 1997


P D Battle J A Hepburn J E Millburn P G Radaelli M J Rosseinsky L E Spring J F Vente
Sr1.8Nd1.2Mn2O7 - synthesis, crystal structure and physical properties
Chemistry of Materials 9 3215 (1997)


E L Belokoneva K S Knight W I F David B V Mill
Structural phase transitions in germanate analogues of KTiOPO4 investigated by high-resolution neutron powder diffraction
J Phys:Condens Matter 9 3833 (1997)


E L Belokoneva W I F David J B Forsyth K S Knight
Structural aspects of the 530°C phase transition in LaBGeO5
J Phys:Condens Matter 9 3503 (1997)


R J Crooks M T Weller
The synthesis and structure of barium palladium oxide carbonate BaPdO2 and BaNiO2
J Solid State Chem 128 220 (1997)


P Czarnecki J Wasicki A Katrusiak C Ecolivet A Girard A V Belushkin
Structural phase transitions of pyridinium tetrafluoroborate
Physica B 234-236 102 (1997)


J M De Teresa D T Adroja B D Rainford K S Knight A del Moral M R Ibarra
First-order valence change in CeNi1-xCoxSn (0.35<x<0.4)
Physica B 234-236 872 (1997)


R M Ibberson P J McDonald M Pinter-Krainer
The crystal structure determination of dimethylsulphide by high-resolution neutron powder diffraction
J Mol Struct 415 259 (1997)


R H Jones K S Knight
The structure of g-Bi2Sn2O7 at 725°C by high resolution neutron diffraction: implications for bismuth (III) containing pyrochlores
J Chem Soc, Dalton Transactions 15 2551 (1997)


A Kozlowski Z Kakol R Zalecki K S Knight J M Honig
Heat capacity and neutron diffraction of low doped Fe3-xZnxO4
Journal de Physique IV 7 591 (1997)


R Marx
Reindarstelling und kristallstruktur on lithiumnitridhydrid, Li4NH, Li4ND
Zeitschrift fur Inorganische und Allgemeine Chemie 623 1912 (1997)


R Marx R M Ibberson
Time-of-flight neutron diffraction study on the cryolite-type phase of Li6NBr3
J Alloys and Compounds 261 123 (1997)


R Marx
Time-of-flight neutron diffraction on the Li2O type phases of Li6NBr3
J Alloys and Compounds 256 196 (1997)


M Mercer S I Campbell S M Bennington J W Dreyer M Kemali P D Shepherd D K Ross
A study of the tetragonal to ortho 1 phase transition in YBa2Cu3Ox
Physica B 234-236 925 (1997)


M J Pack A Gormezano M T Weller
Synthesis and structural characterisation of five layer copper titanium oxide perovskites
Chemistry of Materials 9 1547 (1997)


D C Palmer M T Dove R M Ibberson B M Powell
Structural behaviour, crystal chemistry and phase transitions in substituted leucite: high-resolution neutron powder diffraction studies
Am min 82 16 (1997)


A Pavese G Ferraris M Prencipe R M Ibberson
Cation site-ordering in phengite 3T from the Dora-Maira Massif (Western Alps): a variable-temperature neutron powder diffraction study
European J of Mineralogy 9 1183 (1997)


D R Pederzolli G M Wltschek J P Attfield
A new monoclinic phase of superconducting Tl2Ba2CuO6-d
Chem Commun p435 (1997)


E K H Salje S Rehmann F Pobell D Morris K S Knight T Hermannsdörfer M T Dove
Crystal structure and paramagnetic behaviour of e-WO3-x
J Phys:Condens Matter 9 6563 (1997)


J Senker M Muller W Press H M Mayer R M Ibberson H Jacobs
Structure determination and reorientational disorder in two phases of Sr(ND2)2 and Ca(ND2)2
Physica B 234-236 51 (1997)


R Sonntag R Melzer K S Knight
Determination of the hydrogen position in Cs3H(SeO4)2 at 483K
Physica B 234-236 89 (1997)


R Sonntag R Melzer K S Knight
Determination of the hydrogen position in Cs3H(SeO4)2 at 483K
Acta Cryst C53 1529 (1997)


J N Street I G Wood K S Knight G D Price
The influence of thermal vibrations on the average structure of cubic NaMgF3 perovskite: a combined molecular dynamics and neutron diffraction study
J Phys:Condens Matter 9 L647 (1997)


P L W Tregenna-Piggott S P Best M C M O'Brien K S Knight J B Forsyth J R Pilbrow
Cooperative Jahn-Teller effect in titanium alum
Journal of the American Chemical Society 119 3324 (1997)


M T Weller M J Pack
Synthesis and structural characterisation of quintupled perovskites
Physica C282-287 751 (1997)


P-E Werner M Moustiakimov B-O Marinder K S Knight
Crystal structure of BaMo3O10 solved from powder diffraction data
Zeit fur Kristallographie 212 665 (1997)