HRPD Publications 1998
31 Jul 2009




List of publications involving HRPD in the year 1998


I Abrahams J A G Nelstrop F Krok W Bogusz
Defect structure of quenched g-BINIVOX
Solid State Ionics 110 95 (1998)


I Abrahams A J Bush F Krok G E Hawkes K D Sales P Thornton W Bogusz
Effects of preparation parameters on oxygen stoichiometry in Bi4V2O11-d
J Mater Chem 8 1213 (1998)


P D Battle G R Blake J Sloan J F Vente
Commensurate and incommensurate phases in the system A4A'Ir2O9 (A=Sr,Ba; A'=Cu,Zn)
J of Solid State Chemistry 136 103 (1998)


E L Belokoneva W I F David J B Forsyth K S Knight
Structural phase transitions of PrBGeO5 in the temperature range 20-800°C
J Phys:Condens Matter 10 9975 (1998)


M A Carpenter E K H Salje A G Barber B Wruck M T Dove K S Knight
Calibration of excess thermodynamic properties and elastic constant variations associated with the a-b phase transition in quartz
American Mineralogist 83 2 (1998)


S J Clarke A J Fowkes A Harrison R M Ibberson M J Rosseinsky
Structure, synthesis and magnetic properties of NaTiO2
Chemistry of Materials 10 327 (1998)


R J Crooks C S Knee M T Weller
Synthesis and structural characterisation of layered cuprates containing lead halide separating layer
Chemistry of Materials 10 4169 (1998)


D B Currie M T Weller
Nickel substitution in Ln2Ba4Cu7-xNixO14+d
Physica C 297 95 (1998)


D B Currie M T Weller
The synthesis and structure of BaBeSiO4: a new stuffed cristobalite
Materials Research Bulletin 33 683 (1998)


P Czarnecki A Katrusiak I Szafraniak J Wasicki
Experimental evidence for a continuous phase transition in a multidimensional ferroelectric
Phys Rev B57 3326 (1998)


A L Hector M T Weller W Levason
The structure of SrRh2O4 from X-ray and neutron diffraction
European J of Solid State Chem 35 679 (1998)


C Holst W W Schmal K S Knight H Fuess
Structural order parameters of the RbPO3-HT-RbPO3-H transition-a soft-Ising-system
J Phys: Condens Matter 10 8799 (1998)


R M Ibberson
Low melting point organic crystal structures by high-resolution neutron powder diffraction: the structure determination of acetaldehyde
Physica B 241-243 456 (1998)


K Kakol A Kozlowski R Zalecki K S Knight D Kim J M Konig
Possible lattice contribution to the mechanism of the Verwey transition of magnetite
Electron Technology 31 22 (1998)


F Krok W Bogusz M Malys I Abrahams
Crystal structure and electrical properties of the oxygen ion conductor BIMEVOX (in Polish)
Proc VI National Symposium on Fast Ionic Conductors (Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Poland) p75 (1998)


H Nakao K Ohwada N Takesue Y Fujii M Isobe Y Ueda H Sawa W I F David R M Ibberson et al
Lattice dimerization and strain in inorganic spin-Peierls compound NaV2O5
Physica B 241-243 534 (1998)


R L Needs M T Weller
A new 2+/3+ perovskite: the synthesis and structure of BaScO2F
J Solid State Chem 139 422 (1998)


N Peng J T S Irvine A G Fitzgerald
Synthesis and crystal structure of the distorted perovskite Sr0.97NbO3 determined by high resolution powder neutron diffraction
J Mater Chem 8 1033 (1998)


D A Porter A Harrison D Visser R C B Copley A E Goeta J A K Howard K S Knight
Nuclear and magnetic structures of the distorted hexagonal perovskites ND4FeCl3 and NH4FeCl3
Physica B 241-243 385 (1998)


P R Slater J T S Irvine T Ishihara Y Takita
Structure of lanthanum gallate electrolytes at high temperatures
Proc 3rd European Solid Oxide Fuel cell Forum, Nantes (1998)


P R Slater J T S Irvine T Ishihara Y Takita
High-temperature powder neutron diffraction study of the oxide ion conductor La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O2.85
J Solid State Chem 139 135 (1998)


P R Slater J TS Irvine T Ishihara Y Takita
The structure of the oxide ion conductor La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O2.85 by powder neutron diffraction
Solid State Ionics 107 319 (1998)


R Sonntag R Melzer K S Knight P G Radaelli
Structural study of the proton conductor Cs3H(SeO4)2 by high resolution neutron powder diffraction
Materials Science Forum 278-281 726 (1998)


O Yamamuro K Okishiro T Matsuo T Ohta Y Kume R M Ibberson
Neutron powder diffraction study of (ND4)2SeCl6 under high pressure
Physica B 241-243 466 (1998)