HRPD Publications 1999
31 Jul 2009




List of publications involving HRPD in the year 1999


I Abrahams A J Bush G E Hawkes T Nunes
Structure and oxide ion conductivity mechanism in Bi2Al4O9 by combined X-ray and high resolution neutron powder diffraction and 27Al solid state NMR
J Solid State Chem 147 631 (1999)


D R Allan S J Clark R M Ibberson P Parsons C R Pulham L Sawyer
The influence of pressure and temperature on the crystal structure of acetone
J Chem Soc, Chem Comm 751 (1999)


P D Battle G R Blake T C Gibb J F Vente
Structural chemistry and electronic properties of Sr2FeIrO6
J Solid State Chem 145 541 (1999)


P D Battle W R Branford A Mihut M J Rosseinsky J Singleton J Sloan L E Spring J F Vente
Structural chemistry and electronic properties of the n=3 Ruddlesden-Popper phases Ca4Mn2FeO9.75 and Sr4Mn2FeO9.80
Chemistry of Materials 11 674 (1999)


G R Blake P D Battle J Sloan J F Vente J Darriet F Weill
neutron diffarction study of the structures of Ba5CuIr3O12 and Ba16Cu3Ir10O39
Chemistry of Materials 11 1551 (1999)


V J Carter J P Kujanpaa F G Riddell P A Wright J F C Turner C R A Catlow K S Knight
Structure and dynamics of methyl groups in the deuterated microporous organic-inorganic hybrid, aluminium methylphophonate-b
Chem Phys Lett 313 505 (1999)


M Catti S Stramare R M Ibberson
Lithium location in NASICON-type Li+ conductors by neutron diffraction. I. Triclinic a’-LiZr2(PO4)3
Solid State Ionics 123 173 (1999)


C N W Darlington K S Knight
High temperature phases of NaNbO3 and NaTaO3
Acta Cryst B55 24 (1999)


C N W Darlington K S Knight
On the lattice parameters of sodium niobate at room temperature and above
Physica B 266 366 (1999)


W I F David J S O Evans A W Sleight
Direct evidence for a low frequency phonon mode mechanism in the negative thermal expansion compound ZrW2O8
Europhys Lett 46 661 (1999)


R A Dilanian F Izumi K Itoh T Kamiyama
Neutron powder diffraction study of the order-disorder transition in K2Mn2(SO4)3
J Phys Soc Japan 68 3893 (1999)


R A Dilanian F Izumi T Kamiyama K Itoh
Neutron diffraction study of the phase transition in K2Mn2(SO4)3
J Phys Chem Solids 60 1423 (1999)


J S O Evans
Negative thermal expansion materials
J Chem Soc, Dalton Trans 3317 (1999)


J S O Evans W I F David A W Sleight
Structural investigation of the negative thermal expansion material ZrW2O8
Acta Cryst B 55 333 (1999)


J S O Evans J D Jorgensen S Short W I F David R M Ibberson A W Sleight
Thermal expansion in the orthorhombic gamma phase of ZrW2O8
Phys Rev B60 14643 (1999)


E M Gray E H Kisi R I Smith
Observation of a continuous phase transformation in LaNi5D3
J Alloys Comp 293-295 135 (1999)


B A Grguric A Putnis
Rapid exsolution behaviour in the bornite-digenite series and implications for natural ore assemblages
Mineralogical Mag 63 1 (1999)


P F Henry M T Weller
The synthesis and crystal structure of Ca3Au4
J Alloys and Compounds 292 152 (1999)


C H Hervoches P Lightfoot
A variable temperature powder neutron diffarction study of ferroelectric Bi4Ti3O12
Chem Mater 11 3359 (1999)


Z Kakol A Kozlowski R Zalecki K S Knight J Sabol J M Honig
Powder neutron diffraction studies of Zn-doped magnetite
J Phys: Condens Matter 11 2749 (1999)


J C Knowles I R Gibson I Abrahams
High temperature phase transitions in Ca3(PO4)2 measured by neutron diffraction
Bioceramics 12 341 (1999)


F M Mulder H Noijons G J Nieuwenhuys K S Knight
High-resolution neutron diffraction evidence for the strain-induced microdomains during the phase transition in UNi2Sn
Physica B 262 312 (1999)


G B Nikiforov A M Kusainova P S Berdonosov V A Dolgikh P Lightfoot
The crystal structure of the new REE-Te oxychlorides: NdTe2O5Cl and GdTe2O5Cl
J Solid State Chem 146 473 (1999)


A Pavese F Ferraris V Pischedda R M Ibberson
Tetrahedral order in phengite 2M1 upon heating, from powder neutron diffraction and thermodynamic consequences
European Journal of Mineralogy 11 309 (1999)


J Senker H Jacobs M Muller W Press H M Mayer R M Ibberson
Structure determination of a low temperature phase of calcium and strontium amide by means of neutron powder diffraction on Ca(ND2)2 and Sr(ND2)2
Z Anorg Allg Chem 625 2025 (1999)


J R Stewart R Cywinski
Real-time kinetic neutron powder diffraction study of the a-Mn to b’-Mn phase transition
J Phys:Condens Matter 11 7095 (1999)


M T Weller C S Knee
The structure of TlSr2NiO4+d by high resolution powder neutron diffraction
J Solid State Chem 144 62 (1999)


D A Woodcock P Lightfoot
Comparison of the structural behaviour of the low thermal expansion NZP phases MTi2(PO4)3 (M=Li, Na, K)
J Mater Chem 9 2907 (1999)