HRPD Publications 2000
31 Jul 2009




List of publications involving HRPD in the year 2000


G Artioli C Lamberti G L Marra
Neutron powder diffraction study of orthorhombic and monoclinic defective silicalite
Acta Cryst B56 2 (2000)

P S Berdonosov D O Charkin A M Kusainova C H Hervoches V A Dolgikh P Lightfoot
The crystal structures of BiTeO3I, NdTeO3X (X = Cl,Br) and Bi5TeO8.5I2: some crystal chemistry peculiarities of layered Bi(Ln)-Te oxyhalides
Solid State Sciences 2 553 (2000)

S Bordiga I Roggero P Ugliengo A Zecchina V Bolis G Artioli R Buzzoni G L Marra
Characterization of defective silicalite
J Chem Soc, Dalton Trans 3921 (2000)

M Catti N Morgante R M Ibberson
Order-disorder and mobility of Li+ in the b'-LiZr2(PO4)3 ionic conductors: a neutron diffraction study
J Solid State Chem 152 340 (2000)

J S O Evans P A Harrison R M Ibberson U Kameswari N Duan A W Sleight
Negative thermal expansion and oxygen migration in ZrW2-xMoxO8
J Amer Chem Soc 122 8694 (2000)

J S O Evans T A Mary
Structural phase transitions and negative thermal expansion in Sc2(MoO4)3
Int J Inorg Mat (in press 2000)

A M Healey P F Henry G M Johnson M T Weller M Webster A J Genge
Synthesis and single crystal determination of a sodium-rubidium aluminogermanate with the Zeolite JBW topology
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (in press 2000)

P F Henry M T Weller R W Hughes
A nickel phosphate based zeotype, RbNiPO4
Inorg Chem 39 5420 (2000)

C H Hervoches P Lightfoot
Cation disorder in 3-layer Aurivillius phases: structural studies of Bi2-xSrxTi1-xNb2+xO12 (0<x<0.8) and Bi4-xLaxTi3O12 (x=1 and 2)
J Solid State Chem 153 66 (2000)

C J Howard K S Knight B J Kennedy E H Kisi
The structural phase transitions in strontium zirconate revisited
J Phys:Condens Matter 12 L677 (2000)

E M Hughes M T Weller
Synthesis and structure of CsCoPO4 an ABW zeotype
Dalton Transactions 4 555 (2000)

R M Ibberson W I F David S Parsons M Prager K Shankland
The crystal structures of m-xylene and p-xylene, C8D10, at 4.5 K
J Mol Struct 524 121 (2000)

R M Ibberson C Morrison M Prager
Neutron powder and ab initio structure of ortho-xylene: the influence of crystal packing on phenyl ring geometry
J Chem Soc, Chem Comm 539 (2000)

R M Ibberson O Yamamuro T Matsuo
Crystal structures and phase behaviour of acetaldehyde-D4: A study by high-resolution neutron powder diffraction and calorimetry
J Mol Struct 520 265 (2000)

U Kameswari J S O Evans A W Sleight
Rapid synthesis of ZrW2O8 and related phases and structure refinement of ZrWMoO8
Int J Inorganic Materials 2 333 (2000)

C S Knee R J Crookes M T Weller
The structures of Pb2Ba2Cu2TaO8Cl phases
J Solid State Chemistry (in press 2000)

A Lappas K Prassides F N Gygax A Schenck
Magnetic and structural instabilities in the stripe-phase region of La1.875Ba0.125-ySryCuO4 (0<=y<=0.1)
J Phys:Condens Matter 12 3401 (2000)

C Lobban J L Finney W F Kuhs
The structure and ordering of ices III and V
J Chem Phys 112 7169 (2000)

G S McGrady J F C Turner R M Ibberson M Prager
Structure of the trimethylaluminium dimer as determined by powder neutron diffraction at low temperature
Organometallics (in press 2000)

C A Moore E J Cussen P D Battle
Synthesis, structural chemistry and magnetic properties of Ca3.1Cu0.9RuO6
J Solid State Chem 153 254 (2000)

D R Pederzolli J P Attfield
High-temperature in situ neutron powder diffraction study of monoclinic Tl2Ba2CuO6+d
Int J Inorg Mater 2 533 (2000)

P G Radaelli R M Ibberson S-W Cheong J F Mitchell
Neutron scattering studies of phase segregation in Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3
Physica B 276-278 551 (2000)

R Rinaldi G Artioli S A T Redfern
High temperature behaviour of Mg-Fe olivine by in situ neutron diffraction
Proc 31st Int Geological Congress (Rio de Janeiro) (2000)

P F Schofield K S Knight
Neutron powder diffraction studies of the thermal behaviour of deuterated chalcanthite
Physica B 276-278 897 (2000)

P R Slater J T S Irvine
Synthesis and structure of new perovskite phase in the La-Ti-Al-O system
J Solid State Chem 146 437 (1999)

R I Todd B Derby
Neutron diffraction study of correlation between reinforcement size, residual stress and microcracking in Alumina/SiCp composites
Proc 6th Int Conf on Residual Stresses (IOM, London) p57 (2000)

R R Urbano C Rettori S B Oseroff G B Martins Z Fisk P G Pagliuso J L Sarrao R Caciuffo R M Ibberson
Structural effects in the EPR spectra of Ni3+ in La2Ni0.5Li0.5O4
Phys Rev B (in press 2000)

M T Weller A M Healey G M Johnson
The synthesis and characterisation of JBW-type zeolites. Part A: sodium/potassium aluminosilicate Na2K[Al3Si3O12].0.5H20
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 37 153 (2000)

J P Wright J P Attfield W I F David J B Forsyth
High-resolution powder neutron diffraction study of helimagnetic order in CrP1-xVxO4 solid solutions
Phys Rev B62 992 (2000)