HRPD Publications 2001
31 Jul 2009




List of publications involving HRPD in the year 2001


I Abrahams F Krok M Malys A J Bush
Defect structure and ionic conductivity as a function of thermal history in BIMGVOX solid electrolytes
J Mater Sci (in press 2001)

W Bronger T Sommer G Auffermann P Muller
New alkali metal osmium- and rutheniumhydrides
J Alloys Comp (in press 2001)

W Bronger T Sommer G Auffermann P Muller H Schilder
Na3OsH7, Synthese, Struktur und magnetische Eigenschaften sowie Untersuchungen zur Existenz einer analogen Rutheniumverbindung
Z anorg allg Chem 627 426 (2001)

A M Kusainova S Yu Stefanovich V A Dolgikh A V Mosunov C H Hervoches P Lightfoot
Dielectric properties and structure of Bi4NbO8Cl and Bi4TaO8Cl
J Mater Chem (in press 2001)

R Marx R M Ibberson
Powder diffraction study on solid ozone
Solid State Sciences 3 195 (2000)

H W Meyer S Marion P Sondergeld M A Carpenter K S Knight S A T Redfern M T Dove
Displacive components of the low-temperature phase transitions in lawsonite
Am Mineral (in press 2001)

R L Withers Y Tabira J S O Evans I J King
A new three-dimensionally modulated cubic phase in ZrP2O7 and its symmetry characterisation via temperature dependent electron diffraction
J Solid State Chem (in press 2001)