Horace Workshop 2014
19 Nov 2014




On 22nd and 23rd October 2014 a group of 14 scientists from the UK, Europe, and beyond gathered at ISIS for the first Horace software workshop.

Horace Workshop 2014 Participants

Horace is a software package developed at ISIS for the visualisation and analysis of massive datasets generated when using time-of-flight spectrometers to survey the excitations of a wide variety of materials in 4-dimensional Q-energy space. It is now in routine use at spallation and reactor neutron sources around the world, and has been downloaded by hundreds of unique users.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide tuition and hands-on experience of the full range of capabilities of Horace, from planning an experiment, to generating big data files, to making publication-quality figures, to performing sophisticated analysis. The feedback received from the participants was enthusiastic and a second workshop, hosted by the SNS at the Oak Ridge National Lab, is already planned to be held in January 2015.