How to apply for beamtime
15 Sep 2016



ISIS neutron and muon instruments are free to use for academic and industry researchers, provided results from experiments at ISIS are published in the public domain.

​​​​​​Apply for beamtime to join us here at ISIS

Apply for beamtime using the ISIS Online Proposal System

For each experiment at ISIS, a beamtime proposal outlining the scientific case must be submitted. A template to help with the writing of this case is available here. If you are a postgraduate or undergraduate student, your academic supervisor must be listed as the principal investigator on the proposal.

Full details of different types of proposal access routes, and other information on how to apply, can be found on the ISIS web pages.

New users are always welcome at ISIS and we are constantly encouraging new areas of research that can flourish. ISIS scientists and the User Office can help you with your beam time proposal, and all ISIS users receive a high level of support during experiments.

UK industry and private sector researchers can use ISIS through the fast-track ISIS Collaborative R&D Programme. When a company joins the programme, requests for b​eamtime can be made at any time, and a decision on access to the facility will be made within two weeks.

For more information, please contact the ISIS Industry Liaison Manager, Dr Christopher Frost.​