STFC-ISIS-15 Contributing to outreach activities within the ISIS muon group
17 Jan 2018







The ISIS muon group are involved in several important outreach activities during 2019. These include developing the website as a forum for news about muon research (likely to be also used by the International Society of Muon Spectroscopy), running an international advanced school on muon techniques, and supporting new webpages providing technical information about muon chemistry. We are seeking a student to help with one or more areas of this work, determined both according to interest of the student and the immediate requirements of the group.

Many of these activities are likely to involve developing new web-based materials under existing content management systems. There will also be the possibility of contributing more widely to the preparation for the advanced school that is anticipated to run late August. In this case work might include contributing to the preparation of learning resources (such as workbooks), the testing of e-learning materials, and assisting more generally with the meeting organisation.

The student will gain experience developing webpages, an appreciation as to how content and appearance affects the usability of the page, and an understanding of working within a modern content management system for web development. The student will also have the opportunity to contribute to the preparation for the advanced muon school, and (if timescales permit) the unique opportunity of helping run and take part in an international school.

Supervisor: Stephen Cottrell,