STFC-ISIS-17 Data Analysis for Muon Spectroscopy
17 Jan 2018







Muon spectroscopy is a powerful technique for studying a wide variety of materials, from exotic many-body quantum states to the chemical reactions of free radicals. The muon datasets obtained at the ISIS muon facility are currently analysed using two different programs called WiMDA and Mantid. The library of data analysis functions available in WiMDA is more extensive than that in Mantid so we are seeking a student to update the library of the fitting functions in Mantid to be consistent with those used in WiMDA. This requires adding new fitting functions, written either in Python or C++ to be compatible with the Mantid software framework since the existing fitting functions in WiMDA are written in Delphi (an object Pascal language).

The work will involve learning new computer languages, coding and documenting mathematical functions with reference to published research, testing the new functions by analysing real experimental data with them and storing them in a well-designed library along with working in a software engineering environment. There may also be opportunities to contribute to the preparation of learning resources on these fitting functions (such as workbooks and online learning) that can be used by our users and also on muon training courses for postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

The student will gain experience in experimental data analysis, learning new computer languages, coding different mathematical functions in Python/C++, modelling and fitting of data with appropriately chosen mathematical functions. The Python code will be developed and tested under the Mantid analysis framework (see, and the student will gain experience working within a well-established high-performance computing environment and contributing to a large scientific data analysis project. A well-designed, user-friendly library of fitting functions will be key to the success of this project, and the experience gained by carefully considering what makes for good user experience will be of ongoing benefit to the student.

Supervisor: Pabitra Biswas,