STFC-ISIS-2 Ultra-precise Modelling of the Next Generation of the ISIS accelerator
01 Feb 2019







The ISIS neutron and muon source is based on one of the world's highest intensity proton accelerators. We are working on upgrading the proton accelerator to increase the beam intensity even further. Such an upgrade requires fine control over beam losses in order to prevent damage to the accelerator. We use a suite of accelerator modelling tools for the design work, and such an improvement in intensity requires a concomitant improvement in the accelerator modelling tools so that we can model the beam loss processes to high precision.

In this project, we will describe the ISIS upgrade scheme in a state-of-the-art simulation code called OPAL (Object Oriented Parallel Accelerator Library), developed in collaboration with the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland. The student will study models for the upgraded accelerator and implement enhancements in the modelling code to improve the simulation accuracy.

  1. Learn how a high power proton accelerator works and fundamentals of accelerator physics
  2. Contribute to cutting-edge developments in accelerator design and simulation
  3. Experience developing C++ in a "real world" software package
  4. Experience of development life cycle - implementing code, tests, documentation, push to production​
Supervisor Chris Rogers