ISIS 2009 Seminars
19 Oct 2009



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Tuesday 8 December 2009 Andrew Huxley - St Andrews Title TBA
Tuesday 1 December 2009 John Tse - Canadian Light Source Title TBA


Tuesday 24 November 2009 Andreas Erb - Walther Meissner Institut, Garching Title TBA
Tuesday 17 November 2009 Anne de Visser - Van der Waals-Zeeman Institute, University of Amsterdam Superconducting ferromagnets
Tuesday 10 November 2009 Patrick Soukiassian - Paris-South University, Oray Amazing Nano-Objects and Nanochemistry at Semiconductor Surfaces and Interfaces


Tuesday 27 October 2009 Andrea E. Russell - University of Southampton Title TBA
Friday 23 October 2009 Thorsten Schmitt - Paul Scherrer Institut New Frontiers for High-Resolution Soft X-Ray RIXS at the SLS
Wednesday 21 October 2009 Ulrich Roessler - Leibniz Institute, Dresden Skyrmions in chiral magnets
Tuesday 6 October 2009 Markus Garst - University of Cologne Thermal expansion and magnetostriction close to quantum criticality


25 September 2009 Prof. Dr. Helmut Dosch - DESY Hamburg Grand Challenges for Megafacilities
15 September 2009

Young Jun Chang - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California,

Electronic properties of SrTiO3: effects of the structural phase transition and interface doping
11 September 2009

Dr Andrew Allen - NIST Gaithersburg, USAXS

Advances in ultrasmall-angle X-ray scattering to address materials problems in energy, biomedicine and infrastructure


10 August 2009

R. Mukhopadhyay - Solid State Physics Division,Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai 400085, India

Molecular motions in confined geometry


22 July 2009

Luís Gargaté - GoLP/IPFN, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal

21 July 2009

Mark de Vries - University of St. Andrews

Scale-free antiferromagnetic fluctuations in the S=1/2 kagome antiferromagnet herbertsmithite - two interpretations and their implications
15 July 2009

Bob Cywinski - School of Applied Sciences, University of Huddersfield

Can Thorium Save the Planet?
14 July 2009 Speaker TBA  
10 July 2009

Dr Chris Jacobsen - Stony Brook University

X-ray microscopy: where is it at, and where might it go?
7 July 2009

Martin Rotter - University of Oxford

Going beyond the dipole approximation to improve the refinement of magnetic structures by neutron diffraction


30 June 2009 Professor Jeffery Tallon - MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, New Zealand Exotic or conventional - the physics of High-Tc Superconductors
26 June 2009 Dr Alke Meents Origin and Temperature Dependence of Radiation Damage in Biological Samples
23 June 2009

Yuri V. Taran - Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna

TOF ND stress analysis of fatigue degradation and martensitic transformation of austenitic steel AISI 321 under uni- and biaxial cycling loading
16 June 2009 Speaker TBA  
11 June 2009

Paul Chaikin - Department of Physics, New York University

Experimental Geometry with Colloids and Candies
9 June 2009

Pavlos Lagoudakis - University of Southampton

Nanoscale and Hybrid Optoelectronics
2 June 2009

Jonathan Doye - University of Oxford

Exploring the dynamics of self-assembly and crystallization in coarse-grained models of patchy colloids, proteins and DNA
1 June 2009

Chris Walle - University of Strathclyde

Towards synthetic fibronectin extracellular matrix


26 May 2009

Roberto Car - Princeton University

Spectral Signatures of Short Range Order in Condensed Water Phases
19 May 2009

Julia Yeomans - University of Oxford

Drops on micropatterned surfaces: how butterflies stay dry
12 May 2009

Chris Hooley - University of St. Andrews

A simple theory of the Invar effect in iron-nickel alloys


29 April 2009  Professor David R. Klug - Imperial College London The Brave New World of Multidimensional Coherent Infra-Red Spectroscopy: Early steps towards a novel tool for the study of biological composition, organisation, structure and dynamics
28 April 2009 Simon E.V. Phillips - Research Complex, Hawell Cleaving the Holliday junction: how the synchrotron gave us an insight into the molecular mechanism of inheritance
 21 April 2009 Matthias Vojta - Univ. of Koeln Lattice symmetry breaking in cuprate superconductors: how stripy is the pseudogap?
 3 April 2009 Nigel J Mason - Department of Physics and Astronomy, The Open University Synchrotron Radiation - A perfect mimic of starlight?
 1 April 2009  Rob Edgecock - PPD  FFAG Activities in the UK: Emma, Pamela and all that


30 March 2009 Professor D.C. Larbalestier - NHMFL Tallagassee, Florida State University Superconductors for future high field use: Why not multifilamentary YBCO or something even better? 
24th March 2009 Kai Bongs - University of Birmingham and Midlands Physics Alliance Quantum gases: quantum simulation of condensed matter and applications in space
20 March 2009 Wasi Faruqi - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge Silicon Pixel Detectors for Electron Microscopy
16 March 2009 Sotiris Xantheas - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Development of a new interaction potential for water from first principles and simulation of clusters, liquid water and ice
10 March 2009 Chris Howard - Newcastle University, Australia Structures and Phase Transitions in Perovskites - Sorting out the Subtlelties
 3 March 2009 Sam Carr - University of Birmingham Strong correlation effects in single wall carbon nanotubes


26 February 2009

Luis Fernández Barquín - University of Cantabria

Surface and interparticle interactions in the magnetic and electronic properties of nanosized 3d and 4f compounds
24 February 2009

Dario Arena - National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Element- and Layer-Resolved Magnetization Dynamics at Picosecond Timescales
17 February 2009

Rafa Roldán - Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Univ. Paris-Sud, Orsay

Interplay of metamagnetic and structural transitions in Ca(2-x)SrxRuO4
10 February 2009 Ross Stewart - ISIS beta-Manganese
3 February 2009 Christy Kinane - ISIS Off-specular soft x-ray magnetic scattering from magnetic nanostructures


27 January 2009 Cameron Neylon - ISIS Open Access, Open Data, Open Research? The challenges and benefits of enabling public access to publicly funded research
20 January 2009 C. F. Majkrzak - NIST Advancing the Sensitivity of Neutron Reflectometry to Nanoscale Structure
15 January 2009 Nic Shannon - University of Bristol Fun with Frustrated Magnets
13 January 2009 Elmar C. Fuchs - Wetsus More Experiments with the Floating Water Bridge