STFC-ISIS-3: The new liquids and glasses structure database
01 Feb 2019







Neutron scattering from glasses or liquids is very different to that from crystals and the ability to routinely measure and understand it is a relatively recent achievement. The past few years of development in neutron scattering techniques have now revealed the structures of many such samples, e.g. pharmaceutical solutions, green solvents, and aromatic compounds. We aim to make these data more easily accessible to the wider scientific community through a database of the most relevant and cited structure factors and to improve the data transfer to repository process by introducing more automation than currently available.

During this project the student will learn basic Python programming skills, by modifying and improving some existing scripts for automated data reduction, using example data from the neutron scattering instrument SANDALS. They will gain project management skills in writing an official laboratory report, including the software documentation for future users, and in creating a template to query the critical metadata required to populate the database. The student will learn the basics of neutron scattering, obtain first-hand experience of how academics obtain and share information with each other, and work at a world-class scientific facility.

Supervisors: Silvia Imberti Imberti,; Sabrina Gaertner,​