ISIS Beam Line DC Power Supplies Section Leader
29 Jul 2015




ISIS is a world-leading centre for research in the physical and life sciences at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford in the United Kingdom. Our suite of neutron and muon instruments gives unique insights into the properties of materials on


As part of the Electrical Engineering Group within the ISIS Accelerator Division, you will be part of the Beam Line DC Power Supplies group at Section leader level.The section is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a large number of beam line DC power supplies as well as implementing the installation and commissioning of any replacement power supplies from 1kW to 100kW as part of the current ISIS upgrade program.

List of Duties /Responsibilities

•         Management responsibilities for the section.

•         Provide annual budget forecasts and be responsible for the section’s budget.

•         Provide Risk Assessments and Method Statements relevant to the section’s equipment and work commitments

•         Operation and maintenance of DC power supplies.

•         Devising and implementing maintenance regimes.

•         Fault finding and repair of the power supplies.

•         Installation and commissioning of new and replacement power supplies.

•         Liaising with other engineers responsible for cooling water systems, magnets and interlocks.

•         Liaising with power supply manufacturing companies.

Contacts and Communication

Internally the post holder will communicate with the Electrical Engineering Group sections responsible for the magnet and interlock systems,other Electrical Engineers and Mechanical Design Engineers working within ISIS,along with Accelerator Physicists and the ISIS Operations Crew.

Externally the post holder will be responsible for the management of power supply magnet manufacture contracts and will therefore have to liaise with manufacturers and component suppliers nationally and internationally.

Personal Skills and Attributes

•         Experience in High Voltage and High Current DC Power Supplies.

•         Previous experience within a scientific facility.

•         Experience of project management.

•         Experience of PLC programming and interlock systems.

•         Experience in the writing of risk assessments and method statements.

•         Knowledge of Accelerator Physics.

•         Knowledge of DC power supply topologies.

•         Ability to be involved in a wide range of technologies as an electrical engineer.

•         Line management capabilities.

•         Good organized approach to complex problems.

•         Qualified to a minimum HNC in an Electrical Engineering standard.

•         Strong self-motivation.

•         Good communications kills

•         An understanding of the health and safety requirements relevant to the role.

•         Good fault finding skills

•         Electrical Power Engineering experience.

•         Knowledge of electromagnets for particle accelerators.

Any other Relevant Information

You must be willing to work in radiation areas and be a classified radiation worker. You must also be able to work in areas containing high magnetic fields. The post will involve occasional travel within the UK and overseas. The post provides out of hours on-call support and you must be willing to be on-call.


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