ISIS Biology Group
17 Dec 2010




The ISIS Biology Group supports ISIS Biological user community through sample, instrument and analysis support.

Cameron Neylon prepares for an experiment

Neutron scattering techniques have real and potential impact in examining biological phenomena such as protein-ligand complex's, molecular dynamics, antimicrobial activity and quaternary structure. However the sample requirements of these techniques can be challenging. 

The biology group at ISIS is dedicated to assisting facility users with biologically orientated neutron scattering experiments. This group collaborates with ISIS facility users by assisting in sample preparation, data collection and analysis. If you have a specific experiment you wish to discuss with the group or require access to the biological laboratories during instrument beam-time at ISIS please contact:

Dr Cameron Neylon to discuss small angle neutron scattering experiments (

Dr Luke Clifton to discuss neutron reflectometry experiments (

Louise Hatter to arrange access to the biological laboratories (