ISIS Seminars 2009-2010
10 Jan 2011



Seminars held at ISIS 2009-2010


3 April 2009

Nigel J Mason (The Open University)

Synchrotron radiation – a perfect mimic of starlight?


21 April 2009

Matthias Vojta (University of Köln)

Lattice symmetry breaking in cuprate superconductors: how stripy is the pseudogap?


28 April 2009

Simon Phillips (Research Complex, Harwell)

Cleaving the Holliday junction: how the synchrotron gave us an insight into the molecular mechanism of inheritance


12 May 2009

Chris Hooley (University of St. Andrews)

A simple theory of the Invar effect in iron-nickel alloys


19 May 2009

Julia Yeomans (University of Oxford)

Drops on micropatterned surfaces: how butterflies stay dry


26 May 2009

Roberto Car (Princeton University)

Spectral signatures of short range order in condensed water phases


2 June 2009

Jonathan Doye (University of Oxford)

Exploring the dynamics of self-assembly and crystallization in coarse-grained models of patchy colloids, proteins and DNA


9 June 2009

Pavlos Lagoudakis (University of Southampton)

Nanoscale and hybrid optoelectronics


11 June 2009

Paul Chaikin (New York University)

Experimental geometry with colloids and candies


23 June 2009

Yuri VTaran (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna)

Time of flight neutron stress analysis of fatigue degradation and martensitic transformation of austenitic steel AISI 321 under uni- and biaxial cycling loading


26 June 2009

Dr Alke Meents (DESY, Hamburg)

Origin and temperature dependence of radiation damage in biological samples


30 June 2009

Professor Jeffery Tallon (MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, New Zealand)

Exotic or conventional – the physics of High-Tc superconductors


7 July 2009

Martin Rotter (University of Oxford)

Going beyond the dipole approximation to improve the refinement of magnetic structures by neutron diffraction


10 July 2009

Dr Chris Jacobsen (Stony Brook University)

X-ray microscopy: where is it at, and where might it go?


15 July 2009

Bob Cywinski (University of Huddersfield)

Can thorium save the planet?


21 July 2009

Mark de Vries (University of St. Andrews)

Scale-free antiferromagnetic fluctuations in the S=1/2 kagome antiferromagnet herbertsmithite – two interpretations and their implications


10 August 2009

R. Mukhopadhyay (Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai)

Molecular motions in confined geometry


15 September 2009

Young Jun Chang (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California)

Electronic properties of SrTiO3: effects of the structural phase transition and interface doping


25 September 2009

Prof Dr Helmut Dosch (DESY, Hamburg)

Grand challenges for megafacilities


6 October 2009

Markus Garst (University of Köln)

Thermal expansion and magnetostriction close to quantum criticality


21 October 2009

Ulrich Roessler (Leibniz Institute, Dresden)

Skyrmions in chiral magnets


10 November 2009

Patrick Soukiassian (Paris-South University, Orsay)

Amazing nano-objects and nanochemistry at semiconductor surfaces and interfaces


17 November 2009

Anne de Visser (University of Amsterdam)

Superconducting ferromagnets


19 January 2010

Pierre Toledano (Universite de Picardie, Amiens)

Landau approach to phase transitions: rigorous results


26 January 2010

Dr Ilya Eremin (Max-Planck-Institut)

Superconductivity and metallic spin density wave in iron-based superconductors


28 January 2010

Pierre Toledano (Universite de Picardie, Amiens)

Landau theory of multiferroic materials


9 February 2010

Christoph Salzmann (University of Oxford)

Ice XV and other forms of solid water


16 February 2010

Feliciano Giustino (University of Oxford)

Electron-phonon interaction in copper oxides and iron pnictides


23 February 2010

Dr Kostya Trachenko (Queen Mary University of London)

Understanding liquids and glass transition on the basis of elastic waves


2 March 2010

Dr Matthew Krzystyniak (University of Oxford)

Neutron Compton scattering as a probe of proton micro-dynamics in condensed matter systems and molecules


9 March 2010

Dr Moritz Hoesch (Diamond Light Source)

Giant Kohn Anomaly and the phase transition in charge-density-wave ZrTe3


16 March 2010

Dr Donna C. Arnold (University of Kent)

Perovskite and perovskite related ferroelectric and multiferroic materials